Community Project: Gold Making & Auction House

Welcome to the sixth blog post in the “Warcraft Community’s Top Things To Do Before WoD” series!

As Twenty says, “WoD will probably be extremely expensive”, so I’m in all agreement that increasing your gold wealth is probably one of the best ways to spend your downtime at the moment. Whether you like to farm your materials and gold, or use the Auction House to flip items for profit, we all need at least a small disposable sum.



In a roundabout way, farming is directly related to your gold wealth. Whether you choose to or not, I’m willing to bet that the vast amount of wealth on our servers come from someone farming the mats.

Our favourite farming space is in Krasarang Wilds, one of the Angler’s daily spots on the beach. Pop a potion of luck, take a lowbie alt friend and park them on the roof of a hut and voila, both profit. They get lots of free xp, you get lots of cloth and greens to disenchant.

Another excellent space is farming the Mogu in the Vale. These, of course, drop the Skyshards for Alani, but also Cache Keys which have a chance to give you loads of lovely goodies, in the form of cloth, leather, gold etc.

We also have a friend who swears by farming Grim Batol and Naxxramas with a potion of luck. He sells and disenchants the greens, whilst also pocketing a lot of profit from the pets. I’ve recently had some good luck with pets from SSC too.


If farming isn’t for you, how about taking the first step to cleaning out your bank account and void storage? By being brutal and throwing out stuff you don’t need (do you REALLY need those Nexus Crystals???), you can pocket the profit. Non-soulbound stuff could sell on the Auction House…. nothing to loose, right?

P.S, I recently sold some cageable pets that I had double of…. well worth it!

The Auction House

Matt: “It’s not for everyone, but I’m a big fan of the AH-goldmaking “mini-game”. Buy low, sell high, take some chances, win big! I just passed the 600k gold mark this week, so it’s definitely both fun AND profitable.”

I’m not an Auction House extroadinaire, but the basic tips are simple: choose a market, keep an eye on it, buy low, sell high. Into Transmog? Great, use your knowledge there. See a stack of spirit dust mispriced? Buy it, then resell. There are plenty of guides (and people to approach on twitter!) online, and as Matt says, it can be fun!

Some of the contributors for this section have written their own pieces of advice – find all links below!

Remember folks, it’s not real money. Set yourself a small goal and go for it – what have you got to loose?!


3 thoughts on “Community Project: Gold Making & Auction House

  1. I need to make a Quick post here:) the “friend” who does naxx and grim batol use *Potion of tresure finding* witch the “friend” only uses in grim batol you dont need it for naxx:)

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