First Legion Experience

Day 1 of Resub

These are the things I have learnt so far:

  1. Everything has changed – no flying in new Dalaran (this shouldn’t have taken me by surprise but it did!); Class Halls (wut?); talents; Artifacts…
  2. There’s much more storytelling. I’m not a lore-buff and I must admit I may have gone to get some more Easter chocolate through some of the longer cut scenes.
  3. Artifacts are confusing. I need to read.
  4. I lag a lot. Note to self: get Mr B on the case, see if he can fix that.
  5. What the hell is “shimmer”?! It took me about an hour to find it because of its stupid name. I don’t need to have pretty Princess spell names, thanks.
  6. I need to remember I’m bottom of the food chain again and stop running into massive packs of Demons thinking I’m invincible. Note to self: this causes you to die. A lot.
  7. I must buy a more comfortable office chair… numb bum experience is not pleasant.

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That’s all for now, I’m going to go cram a year’s worth of MMO Champion!

One thought on “First Legion Experience

  1. Big tip. Keep up with place I got Artifact knowledge work orders. As you complete them, and collect the scroll you have to read, cough, had one in my bags for days. There is a percentage multiplier that increases the amount of your Artifact Power rewards for doing thing. Right now mine is a silly 200,000%. Actually might be higher. Forgot to look yesterday. Initially you will probably be getting points to spend quickly. As you near the finish, it requires a lot to go up 1 level.

    Emissary quests, there are three factions up shown on your mini map. Doing 3 or 4 quests in a zone for them gets you a goody bag and a nice chunk of rep.

    Recipes have 3 levels. Most professions the level 3 is available for purchase from your profession vendor. The level 2’s are mostly RNG drops, or procs for alchemy. The higher the level, the fewer mats it takes. Getting to 800 takes work. Darkmoon faire is very helpful for those final points.

    Oh, and there is an Artifact fishing pole and all sorts of hoops to jump through. There’s a guide on WoWhead

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