We’re back!

I only have apologies to make, after logging in today to see I haven’t posted since August 2015!

Sorry, guys. It’s been too long and I really hope I can start writing more frequently. You might know the reason behind this – we had 2 kids in two years and we are KNACKERED. However, our youngest is now 5 months old and sleeping better so we finally feel we are not so comatose in the evening we can game again.

So. Excited.

I plan to try and post a little every time I log on, just so I can get back into blogging. It might be a laugh for you all to see us navigate a game which we haven’t played for over a year. I’m only level 100 and haven’t even read about the expansion. Mr W is in a slightly more clued in position, so we will see.

I generally don’t post pictures of the kids all over the Internet, but seeing how cute they are, might make you love us again, and excuse us for the long break.

Love and hugs, as always – get in touch for our battle tag so we aren’t lonely!



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