Still A-zoomaing. 

Ha. See what I did there? Be impressed, it’s 10pm!

Day 4 of resub. Level 103!

I was itching to get online tonight. I was at a bridal shower most of the day with people from work who have no idea I game… I had a total confidence crisis as they are all beautiful and fashionable and into things like makeup and cosmopolitan magazine. I actually had a really lovely time, but I don’t think I ever feel at home in those social situations, even if I outwardly appear calm and collected. Unfortunately, they’re part of my job and Mr B also hates it when he has to come along as it always feels a bit false. I’m sure this is a microcosm for people the world over, splitting their work/home life, or social/private life. It hit home a little that we would love to have more of a social life with gaming friends… our closest ones are miles away though. Thank goodness for our lovely in game friends and twitter family (you know who you are!). Still, was glad more than ever to have resubbed.

Anyway, I digress. The baby was super fussy tonight (does a 6month growth spurt exist?!) so I only got an hour online, where I pottered about doing a dungeon, killing lions – they were very pretty and seemed to have wings on. I meant to write their name down, the hunter would like to tame one I reckon! I also spent a moment looking at the beautiful horses (Equine Sunrunners?) and fishing. Just plodding along and doing any quest I find, a huge difference to my usual frantic levelling pace.

Here’s the cool dragon. Look how itty bitty I am! Excuse the UI, I haven’t figured out how to hide it yet… one step at a time!


Mr B. 

I made excellent headway on Pathfinder today. I only have one questing left to do before I start rep grinding. All helpful hints on a postcard please!

I’m having a bit of an issue finding the character I really want to play. I’m not sure I like Demon Hunter. I love Hunter, but hate how boring it is -3 button rotation? Yuck. Tried priest, meh. Almost tempted to level a mage because their Class Hall is just so cool.

 Serial Altoholism strikes again.

Ciao for now.


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