Hit me with your… Thunder Totem (?!!)

Day 6 of resub (I think) level 103

The baby slept sooooo badly last night, and it was my first day back at work too, so I only logged for an hour or so as I can barely see. So on the surface, not much was done.

Actually, I’m making excuses, but I feel this is probably due more to the fact that I kept getting distracted by the ridiculously lovely skies in Highmountain and I kept taking screenshots… (I managed to figure out how to hide the UI, go me!). Looooook:


I also really enjoyed looking at the Tauren baddie hide-outs… I think I liked all the pretty dangly decorations (ooh look, sparkly!). Here:

WoWScrnShot_042417_204436.jpgI’d quite like to live here – whitewater wash. Pretty river, pretty scenery, city nearby. Shame about all the things trying to kill me really.

Anyway, I digress. My favourite quest today was throwing the carp back in the river. It seemed a bit fruitless to be honest, as the stupid things kept reappearing. I did my 8 and quoted Darwin to the others as I left. Silly fish.


That’s about it I’m afraid. I’m still looking for a guild – Ally EU Doomhammer if you know anyone. I did advertise myself like a used family car, but there weren’t any takers. I think I’m going to have to resort to a lucky dip and just apply for a few before I expire from in-game lonliness!

Mr B.

So yesterday, after dividing up the child-free PC time “fairly” (she always gets more than me!), I asked the wife to say I got to level 92 not 102. Can’t get the staff these days. So today, I can confirm I got my reroll Shaman to level NINETY SEVEN. I’m power levelling through Draenor by collecting treasures, can’t believe how quick it is actually. Not much else to report, level level level at the moment, content is fairly boring. Bring on the artifact questlines! I look so ridiculous in the questing gear, I’m not posting a picture! 🙂



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