Bored-y McBoredface

Resub day 7, level 104 (just!)

More levelling and not much else. I’m feeling a bit meh about it all today… I only get an hour or two and today I felt like all I did was be messed about by the stupid Tauren wanting to show me visions and escort their elderly and rescue their damn goats.

I spent an hour running back and forwards getting more and more fed up. I logged in a strop in the end, ha.

Mr B: I’ve been busy! I’m a man of few words so here’s my bullet point list for maximum efficiency and minimal effort:


  • Got to 98

  • Got my elemental artifact

  • Went back to Draenor and levelled to 100

  • Started Aszuna and kept getting my ass kicked. Died something like 8 times in half hour on the same quest.

  • Kept having to heal myself up from nearly dead after every fight… fun

  • Bought the Enhancement maces (740 ilvl greens) and respecced ready for pewpew tomorrow.

I hope this makes it a bit easier to level. Will update tomorrow when I’ve road tested the maces!



3 thoughts on “Bored-y McBoredface

  1. I’m still not level 110. Took a break for a long time and can’t seem to get back into it. Good to hear from you guys though!

      • Hey 🙂 I am doing ok. Bit of a bumpy road but travelling along it. I don’t think we are friends on bnet. Add me if you like WelshEmrick#2198. I’m on Emerald Dream EU.

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