Out of the Slump

Day 8 of resub, level 104… still.

I was really struggling when I logged in to find the motivation to finish the Totem quests. It wasn’t until Mr B pointed out I only had 2 chapters left, that I perked up and my MUST-COMPLETE-ACHIEVEMENTS brain kicked in and gave me the motivation to finish. I did quite enjoy shooting the Bolas things off Thunder Totem pewpewing the weird harpy things out the sky. Are they Harpies? Looked like them anyway.

I was a bit dubious about going to the next part of the zone to be honest. I don’t want to follow Tauren backside through caves looking at visions and doing escort quests, so imagine my delight when I get taken to…










…Hemet Nesingwary quests!

I LOVE the Nesingwary quest lines. I know people find them really dull – kill a hundred boar. Kill another hundred deer. Oh, whilst you’re there, kill a million bears too. BUT I love that it’s always in a pretty place and I love there’s always a big group of quests you accept all at once so you go away, get them done, then hand in together for a massive chunk of xp. Nice.

Whilst I was doing this, I needed a super powerful friend to help me kill the super powerful scary panther type dude so I asked my good gnome @chromee_gnome to help. Bless him, he rescues me so often. We also take lots of rides on his rocket (don’t be dirty!)

I hope he doesn’t mind that I took his picture ^^


I forgot to ask what Mr B did before he went to bed. I imagine more levelling. He’s predictable like that.

In other news, I must get onto ZandCinder’s blog challenge this week. It’s proving to be difficult to decide what to write about!

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