Day 9 of resub, level 105 (yay!)

So this evening started with a domestic, as all excellent evenings do.

Him: “I’m going to bed now, do you need anything before I go?”

Me: “nope, night!”

Ten mins later… (I’m too lazy to go upstairs by the way)

Him: admits defeat, stomping into the study… “you’re like a noob again, it’s like you’ve never even played the game before! *click click click*

Wait, why have you got 8 unspent artifact traits? *click click click*

Why haven’t you done this class order quest for your followers?! Where’s your forge?”

Me: “Wut?”

Him: “Goddamnit, the game has shown this all to you!!!”


Anyway, in the end he sorts me out with strict instructions to do stuff he has given me and trundles off to bed. I spend the rest of my time killing stuff for the extra followers and then… THEN I visited the murlocs! Me and my pal, Murky, had a great time. 

He’s just been levelling by the way. He’s boring. He’s 104 now, razzing through content on the Shaman.

I’m going to shush now because I still have a blog challenge to write and it’s getting late. 

4 thoughts on “Mrrrrgl

  1. Oh goodness. The Shaman Class Hall. Shudders. I had to help my wife check every NPC for the token research guy. Oh. That’s a ways off for you yet. The Priest Class Hall is sterile and boring. But easy to find every thing.

    • I like the Mage one, it’s really magical and fitting… just confusing with lots of rooms and stuff. I might do a post another time when I’ve had chance to explore as it really is very cool.

      Magical sweeping broomstick anyone?!

      • Paladin Class Hall is very secretive. I had a quest to go there once on my Priest. The Warlock Hall I stepped into on an alt, and just said nope.

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