A Jolly Good Time

Day… 14? of resub. I’ll edit that if I find out! Level 108.


Look, funny flying Gnome (note: no magic involved, lag!)

I had such a good time tonight I didn’t even notice the ding. I’ve spent a good few hours (Mr B went to bed early – I have no idea what he’s been doing, sorry!) pottering around Val’sharah. Look how pretty it is!!! I took lots of screenshots.

It was good to see some old faces – Tyrande and Ysera. It was amazing to be somewhere pretty at last (thanks, Twitter for recommending this zone next!) and it was also good to pick up a couple of pets and toys from rares I hadn’t already got. Time flew!

I also spent too much time oggling at this dude and his epic tree-beard:


I wish our PC would handle graphics settings other than “ultra low”, I bet he looks magnificent in HD!

I also finally found a guild that seems nice – I was propositioned by a player named “Jellinator” (made me giggle too), so we will see how that goes. I had a much less lonely time this evening anyway!

Right, I’m off… not that I want to, but I’ve almost finished this zone (*sob*) so I’m going to eek it out a little by pacing myself!

Val’sharah also has the cutest battle pets!!!!



2 thoughts on “A Jolly Good Time

  1. It really is nice to see someone enjoying the game as much as you two appear to be. It is fun to see some positive views of how things are going. Awesome pics by the way. 😀

    • I had hoped this would be a positive mini series for those who might be starting to flag mid expansion! We are both having a great time, it’s nice to be able to say it too!

      Thanks for commenting 😀

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