A little vay-cay

Day 12 of resub, level 106

I have an excuse for slacking, I swear! It has been bank holiday weekend here in the UK and we took the kiddies out to the seaside (our nearest one is a couple of hours away so a bit of a hike!), visited family and all fell asleep on the sofa early, so not much play time.

Mr B: speak for yourself – I’ve been busy. Leveled my new priest to 26, did 4 levels in one dungeon it’s ridiculous! I decided I didn’t want to play the Shaman or the rogue, so went for a gnome priest instead. It’s good so far!

He has issues – he’s started levelling about 10 alts since I started this little resub series. When I went in earlier, he was on the demon hunter….

Anyway, today I pottered around finishing as questing chapter in Highmountain (yep, still there!) when I realised that it’s children’s week. I got very confused as I thought you could only get 3 pets per character (yes, makes no sense reading it), but figured it out in the end and got cracking with the 6 I have left to collect.

I did almost 3 – I say almost, the Auchindoun quest is bugged so I’ve submitted a report in the hope it’ll be resolved tomorrow – and actually really enjoyed myself. Must have been about 2 years since I was last in Shattrath and Northrend and it’s so pretty! You forget so easily. I also have never been to the High Seat below Ironforge to see what’s-his-face. Didn’t realise it existed. Fabulous!

I also wanted to buy the orphans all the toys, poor little buggers. I did however, check for new toys at the vendor and picked up 6 new ones that I didn’t have for some reason… train sets, footballs and all sorts. Got an achievement too! Woo!

Let’s hope that buggy quest is fixed so I can get on with the next 3 tomorrow. Going to be irritating without portals.


Day 13 of resub – level 107 (woo!)

Buggy quest fixed. Yay! I tried to log onto Monk to do the last 3 orphans, but being the noob I am, couldn’t figure out how to get to Stormwind from new Dalaran, so gave up.

Did some levelling and mostly spent time finishing Highmountain quests – couldn’t figure out what to do when finished so gave up.

Did a dungeon with the nicest group of PUGs I’ve met in a long time. Said hello, didn’t rage on the tank when he died, said thanks. Was a breath of fresh air. Dungeon was boring though – Nelfarion?

Mr B: got bored of the Priest, so went back to doing World quests on my Demon Hunter… want to crack on with pathfinder. 

Did you expect anything less?!!! 

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