Level 109. Day 15. 

I’ve had to stop 23% off ding. I would have stayed on and taken the sleep deprivation if my son hadn’t got me up at 2am for a night feed then up for the day at 4.53am. Damn kids.

So I’ve come to bed in a grump. Firstly because I finished Val’sharah and I really enjoyed it. Especially the Darkpens  (the prison place) in the last half hour. That was cool. Secondly, because I didn’t ding. Thirdly because my class hall quest thing (garrison missions 2.0) hadn’t yet completed so I couldn’t set the next one off. Pff. And fourthly because I had to listen to Tyrande’s irritating voice for an hour. I felt sorry for her til she started going on. Poor Malfurion.

I took an awesome screenshot but it’s on the pc and I’m not at the pc so I’ve had to borrow this from gamepedia. It’s exactly the same though, they were obviously as impressed as me. I genuinely don’t profess to know lore, and I don’t fully understand what happened to Ysera, but this brought a tear to my eye. 

Mr B: I got my first legendary today. Wooooop!

(He calls it a “leggo”. Lol. Nerd.)

I’ve been doing class order quests and tying up loose ends really. Working through world quests. The rep is going to take forever, I know you know. She’s better at the grindy stuff to be honest but she’s slacking with her levelling so it’s up to me. As usual!

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