Suramar? Nah!

I’ll categorise these posts as resub, as I’m still totally overwhelmed with things to do, where to go, new quests etc. It’s all a world of discovery. 

I’ve actually spent a lot of time since ding just wondering around like a crazy person with no direction. Upon ding, you get given reams and reams of quests… class hall, order hall, research, Suramar, professions, Legion quests… The list goes on. I accepted them all going on the premise that I could pick and choose which to do. 

After not having a clue, I got Mr B to do the opening quests for Broken Isles as I didn’t understand what the hell I was meant to be doing, then destressed by fishing. I like fishing. 

I was following a quest line yesterday which sent me into the sewers. Promptly died. 

My lovely new guild informed me that actually, this is now a free for all, but it’s ok you can hire a bodyguard…!!!!????? 

I gave that up as a bad job and went to Suramar to are what all the fuss was about. Got squished immediately, couldn’t find my body after what felt like 4 hours of searching and decided never to go back. 

I rage quit at least twice yesterday. 

Mr B: I’ve had a pretty eventful few days. I’ve finally finished the class hall quests and I’ve been pottering around doing world quests and rep things towards pathfinder. Of course, sorting her out took most of my time, I don’t know how she can have played the game for 5 years and still be such a noob /sigh 

11 thoughts on “Suramar? Nah!

  1. Sewers have perfectly safe periods of time – check for a debuff you get upon entering πŸ™‚

    Suramar experience is divided into 5 parts:

    1. Nightfallen But Not Forgotten – introductory quests achievement
    2. Leyline Bling – opening the leyline feeds – you need them to ease your Suramar campaign, because it’s all bound to ancient mana. Priority number one, as long as you have enough mana to open the next feed – you do it.
    3. World Quests – campaign is bound to reputation, so use them to get different stuff and advance through reputation. A daily batch of 7 simple quests gives you ~1000, and you also could get extra 750 for Kirin Tor and 1500 for Nightfallen emissaries.
    4. Good Suramaritan – main campaign, some chapters open at certain reputation progress. It is needed for Loremaster and thus flying.
    5. Insurrection – the final leg. It gives enormous amounts of artifact power, and also leads the plot into The Nighthold raid gates.

      • Thanks for info. I’m going to get hubs to sort out what the hell I’m doing and prioritise the quests. I’m doing one for ancient mana at the moment but to be honest, have no inclination to do it :p

        I’ll check out what wowhead says about sewers, it took me totally by surprise!!!

  2. Suramar is a pain until you get through the storyline quite a bit. Even my rogue hates it. There is just no sneaking in that city. I haven’t gone back since I got flying, but I’m sure it’s a little better with it. It’s cool that you’re already in that zone though. It’s pretty at least. πŸ™‚

  3. Don’t get discouraged, I still haven’t finished all of Suramar and running way behind for flying because I haven’t been playing a whole lot in Legion of late. πŸ˜€

  4. Gnomecore is, like, the Suramar guru.

    i did some of the Suramar side quest areas with Kam before I completed Nightfallen But Not Forgotten and now I think my Good Suramaritan might be bugged. So definitely do Nightfallen But Not Forgotten asap! And I am planning to complete Suramar on an alt.

  5. Haha, oh that gif of Cam made me laugh so much. ThatΒ΄s how I feel every day about Suramar…Actually yesterday I finally had the courage to go back and start working on the chains, because they do get better overtime I heard – but then Khadgar, damnit, gave me a “Do 5 Class Hall Missions and come back” quest. Screw that.

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