To PvP… or not to PvP

So the plan was for me to write a super exciting blog series about leveling using PvP from scratch. I asked twitter what to level (undead Rogue won by a small margin) and off I went.

I love PvP and one of the greatest let downs in WoD was how stupid the queuing system was in Ashran. It really put me off for a while, so I was excited to start again this expansion.

I got to level 10 and queued for my first BG. TWENTY MINUTES later I got my first one. This continued all the way to level 15 where I gave up. I don’t know if it’s the time of day I play, the norm these days or what. I can’t waste twenty minutes waiting for the queue to pop I don’t have that time anymore. #dadlife

So that idea is a bust, sorry folks. I may try levelling a DK and seeing if queue times are better in the higher levels, but for now, back to levelling the Shaman.

One thought on “To PvP… or not to PvP

  1. Can’t say that I have done a whole lot of PvP lately, however, the queues seem to be an issue with just about every level that I have complained about on the Forums. Yeah, I know that the people on the forums complain about a lot of stuff or anything that wrinkles their knickers a bit. 😀

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