First foray into mythics

Firstly… what the HELL has happened to the dungeon system?!

It make all make sense to you guys, but OMG I’m confused.

Anyway, I have a very good friend who has dragged and boosted me kicking and screaming through more expansions than I can count (love you, Rel 🤗) and he very kindly offered to take me to “get some gear”. I have literally no idea what happened in the last two hours, except I went from 814 to 848 ilvl and died a million times. I feel bad for the healers really, they didn’t have a chance. Apparently we did some mythics and a mythic+2 (it was explained but I’m not sure I totally understand – I will Google when recovered!) and handed a quest in to get a nice 890 gear upgrade.

Honestly,  I thought I was starting to get the hang of everything! 

Yes, that’s me. The small turtle.

It’s amazing how one small act of kindness from a friend really changes your gaming experience. If this inspires you to do anything, help someone out today… They may need a friendly face! 

Thanks again, bud! ❤


2 thoughts on “First foray into mythics

  1. 🙂

    One thing you will find out quickly, a great many things revolve around doing Mythic Dungeons. Class Hall missions, Professions, some of the story. The focus shift to more challenging 5 player content is welcome for many, and a bane for many more.

    In a nut shell,

    You have your Normal Dungeons, your Heroic dungeons, both of which you can queue up for using the group finder. Even for dungeons like Court of Stars and the Arcway. Normal may be a touch simpler than it may have been in years past, heroic also may be somewhere between what was the staple Normal/Heroic dungeon. Then we have Mythic Dungeons. These are a bit tougher than a Heroic. Although most now with the gear many people have are fairly easy and people tend to forget that not everyone has been running them for months on end at even higher levels of difficulty. So Mythic’s now have keystones you are awarded. I completed a Lower Karazahn Mythic dungeon and was awarded as part of the loot a +2 keystone. When you enter the dungeon there is a pedestal. Placing your keystone, only one person in group does it, in there activates the more difficult dungeon run, and a timer will start. There is no looting mobs or bosses, you will receive a chest at the end with loot. If you beat the timer with so much time left you could receive two or three chests. And the person who used the stone will get a higher level one as a reward. Basically, all mobs and bosses get extra health, and hit harder as you go from +2 to +4, once you hit +5 there are two added random affixes, mobs may regenerate health, healing may be reduced, there is a long list, and it rotates weekly. Some combinations make it near impossible to complete ahead of the timer. Oh, I should add that the higher the +number the higher the gear rewards. If I recall +15 is the top most difficult. Since you have completed one +2 run, next reset day in your Class Hall the chest will have a piece of gear for you as a reward.

    I am sure I am leaving a great deal out, but that’s the basics.

    • Sounds great….. :/

      It was good fun, intense for sure. I wouldn’t pug it, but being looked after made it fun! No idea why it’s all so confusing though, I think something should be done!

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