In too deep…

I hate caves.

I really REALLY hate caves.

I’ve spent the majority of my evening in caves today. Stupid Highmountain world quests. Stupid mountains. Stupid caves. Stupid quests. Stupid.

I blogged about this before (here) if you’re interested and unfortunately nothing has changed. NO Chromeeh, I don’t care if they – I paraphrase – “pretty much have the same layout and it’s easy when you learn it”… I still hate them. I get in, I get lost, I get stuck then I have to hearth out and fly all the damn way back. Rinse. Repeat.

What’s with the new bottomless caves where there are elites at the bottom and no way out?! Some kind of new “immersive” experience??? HELL NO BLIZZARD. It doesn’t help with your stupid “scrolls of escape” because usually the damn thing I need is one level above me… take me the here instead.

I’m fact, whilst I’m at it… I spent at least ten minutes looking around for the “fevered letter” dude (and aggroing a million murksnout beasties) before remembering IT WASN’T EVEN IN THE DAMN CAVE. Stupid quest. Stupid cave.

I also did the new Karazhan today.  That was good… psychedelic! I quite enjoyed it, considering I hate the original so much… The chessboard experience was particularly cool. 

Still grumpy though. Stupid caves.

13 thoughts on “In too deep…

  1. Aw, I could have written this post! You have every right to be grumpy!

    Gosh, IΒ΄m relieved to not be the only one; it is as if my coping levels suddenly drop down to below zero when entering a cave. Even caves with a map. I actually had a draft saved on my site listing the most hated caves of mine in Vanilla, hah, maybe I should finish that up; it seems IΒ΄m not alone.

    The caves ARE stupid! Stupid caves are stupid!

    Oh, I know! That Higmountain Cave! Oh, man! I skip the world quests in it, if I can.

    Yes, stupid quests that are only made to force us to figure out on which ground level that damn NPC is located!

    Glad you had a good time in Karazhan though πŸ™‚

    And listen, you deserve some picking up!
    So literally, I will offer to come pick you up somewhere and help you get those last quests done so you can fly around.
    I just realized, that I have a two person dragon, so if we can get our times to match – let me know, I will gladly fly you around and give you a little wing-boost πŸ™‚

  2. Caves are caves, but I know which quest you’re talking about – I did it yesterday myself πŸ™‚

    Just avoid those composite quests like “pop 10 of these, kill 3 of that and kill one more thing”. No matter if it’s a cave or open world.

    There was another cave quest yesterday, and it was fill-the-bar. So you just enter and bulldozer through, killing everything in line of sight πŸ™‚ Not at all tiresome.

  3. You are totally not alone in your dislike of caves. I was in Zangarmarsh on a baby DK and was doing the quests and had to go into this one cave to retrieve someone’s belongings. I was in there quite a while, had what I needed and couldn’t find my way out even with the map. So, I hearthed. I do hate caves.

    • Glad I’m not the only one. Honestly I avoid them at all costs, I wish they were made clearer.

      Although, if you’re an explorer I can see how they’re fun!

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