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We try to be positive on these blog posts. We love the game and we love the twitter community and the friends we have made there.

However, I’ve really been struggling with the toxicity of the general community in-game. Time after time, day after day, I find myself fighting against various people and their bubble mentality.

No one ever HELPS anyone any more. Look how hard it was to find a guild that has an active chat and did things together. Trade chat is full of spam and idiots being stupid. People only group so they get the quest done.

What also makes me laugh is when you’re questing in an area collecting XYZ and someone next to you is doing exactly the same thing. Last week I was collecting bear steaks for a quest with another Mage… We worked together killing and looting then without another word, the other mage hearthed and left. I always invite to group, most decline. 

I also always say hi if I join a LFG… very few respond and even fewer say goodbye and the end. It always makes me /sigh a bit -you’ve been through a journey together and haven’t acknowledged the others who made it possible. Possibly akin to going on a team building exercise at work, completing it and leaving without ever saying hello to your colleagues. 

Baffles me. 

What also pees me off are YouTubers making huge amounts of money with huge followings… by BITCHING ABOUT THE GAME. Why play it if all you do is moan?!

All I’m seeing is overwhelming negativity on YouTube… moaning about every aspect of the game and I just can’t get my head around it. I also don’t get why people would want to watch it?! Just stop playing if it annoys you so much and stop cluttering my recommendations with your drivel. I just want to watch some PvP without a negative voice over.
It’s all so self centered. Doing your own stuff for your own gain and only joining if you have to, not because you want to. I get not everyone is social, but manners cost nothing. 

Maybe it’s because younger people are joining the game? Maybe it’s a product of modern society. Maybe people don’t want to play socially or with strangers. I love to meet and chat to new people.

Perhaps we are spoilt being surrounded by lovely btag friends and twitter people, but it does drag you down.

Me being a sad gnome… get it?! 

I’d love to do another community project (we did one in 2014), maybe it’ll make us feel better… any ideas let me know.

In the meantime – be nice, spread happiness and be awesome ❤

10 thoughts on “Spread the love

  1. I think what frustrates me, are the solo aspects of the game. The things that require you to go do it yourself. I loved helping people, especially those in guild working on something that required help. I don’t know what has changed, perhaps the more competitive element to the game? We are a long way from the days when to do something meant you asked or offered to help.

    • I agree, gating things behind instances enrages me. I’m also in the i-hate-the-solo-scenarios camp.

      I think most would want to help, but forget there are real people behind the characters 🙁

      • I’ve been on many sides of the fence. I’ve helped kids leveling back in Wrath, but found myself being asked to help all the time to where I was not getting things done myself, I’ve maybe asked for help a handful of times in 8 years, and have had crickets answer. Now in Legion I see people ask for DPS help to run Mythic + and I regrettably decline or don’t say anything. Even when someone asks for help running Ulduar. It is near an entire evening just running through killing things for transmog, and then the requests to get achievements. I feel bad saying no, but i have to consider what I need to get done also.

  2. Both of my guilds are quite helpful (Alliance and Horde). If anyone announces a problem and asks for help, there will be volunteers to join and solve. But me myself would ask for help only in extreme cases.

    Dungeons and raids work like in a short joke story now (let me quote it please):

    A baby didn’t speak a word since he was born. His parents were worried, they did everything, they took him to doctors, but eventually left the boy to himself.

    One day the boy suddenly says at the dinner:
    – There’s not enough salt in my porridge!
    – …you can speak? You talk? Why you were silent all these years?
    – Because there was enough salt before.

    So, people don’t see any reason to chat or discuss anything. What for? Everyone knows his/her routine, people clear the content and dismiss not to see each other ever again. People start posting only if someone behaves wrong. And your “hello” could be the only word in the whole dungeon chat.

    But in raids I see much improvement. People communicate. People tend to share loot they don’t need. It happened at my very first visit of the very first day in Emerald Nightmare: after killing the first boss someone just came to me, traded me the ring, and was gone before I even could read the player’s name and thank him.

    And no one cancels assholes of course. I just need to stick to the rule: if there’s an asshole a group will not kick for any reason, you quit. No matter how far in the dungeon you are.

    • Yes, people just do what they have to do now. Nature of the game? Grind –> reward and so on. Some are fine, where some people share the loot without asking etc we need more of those! My one LFR experience has been good, which gives me hope.

  3. Aw, damn. I know. It´s so sad if one thinks about it. The way it has all changed. I´m not sure as to why that is, exactly.

    This, I like to refer to it as, Lemming culture.

    I´m similar to you. I always take the time to write a hey, bye, congrats, you name it, in instance chat. Reply with kindness in general chat. When Im roaming the skies after rarespawns on the Broken Shore, I always offer a ride to those I group with in case they haven’t got flying yet and need to get to another rarespawn.

    I haven’t seen all the negativity on YouTube I must admit. But I generally only follow very few YouTubers. So, what, they are literally just trashing the game and have plenty of people agreeing, that are still playing? Sounds masochistic!

    Younger people might be the cause of it for sure; but also the modern society. It´s of course hard to point fingers and say “It´s all their fault” but there has been a generation that has raised their children into believing they deserve a medal for everything, and nothing is worth doing If there is no reward.

    It´s all about the reward, the goal, not the journey. Combine that with WoW and back when Achievements were introduced and there you have it, a very toxic combination.

    I find, that the best to do is cherish those few I come across that are genuinely nice, be sure to pay it forward, and learn to let it bother me a little bit less, that other people are so self involved and goal oriented.

    Those kind of people miss out on what it´s all about.

    Press on, hero! Every once in a while, a gem comes along, and it might be one more to that great battlenet group of friends that are sincerely kind, open and with their morale in the right place.

    Your gifs and pictures are so great, thank you for sharing 🙂

    • I totally agree it’s all about savouring the good moments where people are actually civil. It’s just so sad that isn’t the norm. Especially when people are playing an MMPORG – the clue is kinda in the title. MULTIPLAYER. Ah well, let’s try and change them one instance at a time! 🙂

  4. Don’t let it get you down, you’re going to see a lot of negativity being verbalized sometimes and the people doing it aren’t that wonderful. I just kind of tuck my head down and go on about my business. If there is someone out there that needs help and they ask, usually I will take the time to help them if I can.

    I think a lot of the complaints are from people seeking attention or they were the bullies in school that found out they can do what they want online. If someone is being rude, I put them on ignore or help boot them from a group. I don’t think that any of us have time for that sort of thing. 🙂

    • I agree I tend to just get on with it. I know Mr B is having a hard time though… possibly because his very short time online is being marred by idiots. Lead by example I say… I shall continue to say hello each instance 😀

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