We propose to do a series of (fun and lightearted) interviews which help us learn a bit more about the community, and hopefully unravel some juicy details about our readers. The first mini-series we would like to do is….

***Couples Who Slay Together***

Are you a couple who games together? Do you know a couple who game together?! It doesn’t even have to be World of Warcraft!

If so, we would really like to interview you!!! It won’t take long and is all done via DM or email so no need to worry about timezones. 

I hope you don’t think we are excluding non-couples or those where only one person games, but we will be doing another mini-series to hopefully include you next time. We thought this one is best to start with as this is kinda our whole blog MO type thing 😉

So please, spread the word, volunteer yourselves and let’s enjoy seeing a bit about our online pals.

(Well, mostly…)


    • Excellent thank you! I’ll finish the questions and send you a DM 😀

      Also, I’ve been trying to figure out how to follow your blog for ages, don’t mean to seem rude – I read everything you write I just need to sort my blog roll /sigh

  1. Uh, looking forward to see the result of this 🙂 What a great screenshot, oh, the old models.. ♥

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