Couples Who Slay Together – Aimie & Adam

​Welcome to our Community Project of 2017 (you can see our last one in 2014 here)!

We propose to do a series of – fun and lightearted – interviews which help us learn a bit more about our awesome community, and hopefully unravel some juicy details about our readers. 

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Thanks for doing our little interview! Can you introduce yourselves?
We are Aimie and Adam, we used to both play WoW together as Meraii the gnome monk and Legendeer the rogue. In non-WoW games we are always Meraii and Legendeer. We are both in our 20’s (about to both be 25) and started dating in our first year of college. We got married last year. Congrats!!! 

Could you share a pic of you together – either IRL or in game, we don’t mind! 

Show us a picture of your setup – do you have a cute couple thing going on, all cosy?

…and please excuse the mess on the desks. under all that paper is actually my laptop which is now broken. I say computer, as currently, we have two monitors, keyboards and mice hooked up to one pc and we’re running a program called Aster to allow us both to log in… which is fine for running WoW, but it presently stops us playing other more intense PC games together. I feel we may need to know more about these intense gaming sessions πŸ˜‰

So, do you tend to play the same games together or prefer to keep gaming life separate?

We don’t tend to play all the same games together (although mainly because of the computer thing at the moment). We play MMOs and multiplayers games (Diablo3, Rayman etc) together, but we also play various RPGs and single player games seperately. One of us will be on the PC the other on the ps4/ps3 for example. This is actually where we see ourselves headed in our current situation.

With the current political situation it’s only right we ask your affiliation: HORDE OR ALLIANCE?

IRL we are Horde, in game we are Alliance πŸ˜› We also want to know more about this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ another blog post maybe?!

Spill the beans: what’s the most fun activity you like to do together? GAMING ACTIVITY… naughty! πŸ˜‰

Our most fun gaming activity together isssss…..boardgames and PokΓ©mon

As a couple, do you find sharing your gaming hobby helps your relationship?

Adam says that sharing a gaming hobby is good for our relatinship as it helps him understand why I do what I do (such as queue for a dungeon for over an hour). It gives us something to talk about, it makes us interested in the same sort of events (Eurogamer, going along to Streetpass). Also, it means he doesn’t have to play through some games if he’s watched me play them and vica versa (some RPGs are very long).

This is one of the oldest photos of us together, back when I first started WoW in 2010.

*ahem* who rides who on the two seater mount?

….I ride in the sidecar. 😐

Who is the raid leader in your relationship?! 

Adam: I’ve actually been a raid leader, you haven’t.

IRL we are fairly equal, although he has more motivation to get things done than me.

What’s been the biggest, how can I say this… marital dispute… whilst gaming together?

Me telling him he is raid leading wrong.

One of you has to kill 100 kobolds and one has to collect the 100 shiny beads they drop… who does which task and why?

Adam says: I’d be the one doing the killing.

I say: But I”m the better DPS!

Adam says: yeah, but you’re the one always doing all the gathering shit. 

(Sidenote: in FFXIV I have felled over 10,000 trees for the sake of an achievement). A woman after my own heart – I love the grindy achievements!

Where do you see your future in gaming?

I imagune we will have less time for it when we have kids oh yes, prepare yourselves!

But it’s absolutely something we’ll continue to do and encourage our children to do. YES! /FISTBUMP

Ok, the million pound question. You’re farming a rare mount. Neither of you has it. It drops. Who gets it?!!

I would get the mount. There is no question there πŸ˜›

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5 thoughts on “Couples Who Slay Together – Aimie & Adam

  1. This is a great community project πŸ˜€ Hiii Aimie and Adam, congratulations on your marriage last year and thank you for telling us about yourself πŸ™‚

    You look lovely! Fun to read a little about you, and see your gaming setup and characters too.

    And hah at the “oh yes, prepare yourselves!” – comment, Mrs. B πŸ˜›

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