Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #20

A day in the life of your toon.

This is particularly difficult for us, as neither of us really do the RP thing. I do think of each of my characters as having their own little personalities though, even if they don’t really have a backstory, so I’ll imagine what their lives might look like based on that.

Not really my thing, I’ll keep out of this. Over to you, Mrs B.

So I play a Gnome Mage called Louloutte. Here she is… it’s an old picture, but the one I most associate with her.

She has silver hair, pigtails and she’s the boss of the clan… and knows it. She’s super clever and likes to be top of the class, getting the best marks in all her professions and reputations. She has lots of Best Friends, especially at Halfhill where she feels most at home, but actually much prefers to spend time with her pets farming, fishing or reading. 

A typical day for Loulou starts fairly early. She rises, feeds the animals on her small holding and eats something fairly filling, like porridge with fruit from the garden. She then wonders off to the market to get supplies for the day (it’s not that far away, after all!) and runs some small errands. She makes sure to visit her friends and pat the Dog, before returning home to do some fishing on the edge of the village. She really should travel to Dalaran more often to fish in Margoss’ pool, but the hustle bustle of the city isn’t really to her taste, she generally only goes there to visit the Class Hall or for trade. 

Just before lunch, Lou likes to pack some hearty soup and homemade bread and head off on her adventures. Some days, she likes to see if she can add to her collections of battle pets, archaeological finds or rare fish. Some days, she prefers to try and make friends with those pesky Nightfallen rebels… they are hard to please, and she doesn’t really like killing helpless Demons – she is pretty powerful these days after all, they don’t really stand a chance. If she does say so herself.

After a busy afternoon, Lou usually pays a visit to one friend or another. Sometimes that giggly Druid NElf who likes to take lots of pictures and enjoys going off on crazy adventures (she never knows when she will see Alunaria, that Druid goes off swimming all over the place without warning!!); and sometimes with a certain pink haired Gnome who likes to fly her round collecting this treasure and that treasure. She has recently even been persuaded to join a very busy Rogue who takes her off to invade Broken Isles, and who is so quick at dealing with those nasty Demons, that she is usually just finishing fighting off one when he has finished the task required. 

And sometimes, just sometimes, Loulou likes to go home, sit in the garden and read an excellent book with her favourite Onyxian Whelpling, Sapphira, sat next to her and get an early night.

The life of this little Mage is very busy, but she is lucky to have lots of good friends to share it with.


3 thoughts on “Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #20

  1. Aw, that was such a great read, dont worry about the “Not so RP”, there is no right or wrong when descriping the day in your characters life 🙂

    And now I will notice Halfhill in a much more alive way then before, see!

    Hah, I laughed at the comment on the swimming all over the place without warning. And a great way to mention the friends in game – thank you for sharing 🙂

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