The Last Week(s) In Pictures….

Start off with this! Been going and grinding bones in ten minutes downtime since I resubbed. I didn’t do it at-level (I got about 6k) because I hate competing for mobs, so I went back the other night. It took a couple of hours to get the rest at a quiet period.

Other fun news: Oondasta is now on a 15min spawn timer if you want the mount…

Small but significant victory against the AP grind. I’ve given up now though, too many 0’s!


And on we go….


I have been working so hard for this one!


Found this gorgeous little house on my travels in Val’sharah. Reminds me of the fairy houses my daughter loves so much.


Showing off my cool fidget spinner


This was the reward from the mini holiday in Thousand Needles not so long ago. I thought I’d include it as firstly, it’s fab and secondly, it was super fun.

Well, these following ones are self-explanatory. So beautiful.


6 thoughts on “The Last Week(s) In Pictures….

  1. Congratulation on the bones, that one is on my list for so long… But, like you, I don’t enjoy competing for a mob. I guess I should find a quiet period 😉

    Thanks for the info on Oondasta, I completely forgot that it even existed.

  2. Oh, congratulations 🙂 Gosh, yes, that I wanted to do as well, didnt realize it was so crowded.

    Oh, that house in Valsharah, where exactly is it?

    Urgh I know – I honestly consider that a design flaw in Suramar; the constant interruptions from those guards.

    Diplomat, go go go \o/

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