A Fond Farewell

To our fabulous readers.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this to you, our loyal readers and friends.

We created this blog not long after we had married, around 5 years ago. It has had periods of silence, when our beautiful babies were born and when we de-subbed to find the love of the game again. It has seen ups (MoP expansion anyone?!) and downs (WoD I’m looking at you!). It has been joy… through our friendships, the community and the community projects. 

Sadly, our marriage was not meant to be, and we will now be going our separate ways. 

I do not wish this pain on anyone; so live fully and honestly, cherish those you love and enjoy every minute.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for supporting. Thank you for being you.

To those wonderful souls who have helped me through the last few weeks… You know who you are and I can’t thank you enough.

I have set up my own Twitter, it would be great to keep in touch: @MageLouloutte. Hope to see you there.

Be kind to one another,

Laura ❤

9 thoughts on “A Fond Farewell

  1. I missed this post, so sorry! How odd it did not show up in WordPress Reader of mine.

    But, you know I think about you and you know where to find me, should you need it 🙂

    I wish that the next chapter in your life will treat you well ♥

  2. Oh dear! I followed since the beginning I am sad to know this. But have a good life dear. We will miss you for sure. Take care and Maybe one day you decide to come back. the community will be here. God bless!

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