Dress Up – Hero AND Vanilla!

I want to get all my unfinished blogging challenges done for a fresh start in the New Year, so here are the last two from @GPBatinna’s Dress Up challenge:



We have actually blogged this before and Mr B actually worn it! I hope you’re proud ^^ This is Mr B’s DK in his Ironman mog. Click here for the items and descriptions.

Aviary Photo_130211587238092885Vanilla

I had to check exactly what this meant, and the idea is the original Warcraft game, not the colour. Hmmm… /ponders. I have decided to do the last raiding tier of Vanilla, which is Naxxramas. I also really like this raid (and the mogs!) and I even have the weapon I’m using here (even though I’ve never mogged it as nothing really does it justice).

Aviary Photo_130328769406188388


All items are the Frostfire set from Naxx (head, shoulders, robe, gloves, feet and waist).

The weapon is Charmed Cierge which drops from Naxx 10N.

I’ve really enjoyed this challenge from Batinna. I’ve especially enjoyed the farmer and princess challenges, although I know Mr B enjoyed the hero and knight ones! Thanks @GPBatinna!



Dress Up – Halloween!

This is @GPBatinna’s transmog challenge!


This is a mog that I have actually had AND worn!


This was my first ever mog and I loved it. Doesn’t my Mage look amazing with her Witch’s Cat companion and Halloween broomstick? This picture is the best one I have and it’s over a year old, so I’ve made a couple of tweaks and recreated it on Mogit to show it better:


Aviary Photo_130318505726252067


Aviary Photo_130318505861409501


  • Head: Skywitch Hat
  • Chest: Lesser Wizard’s Robe
  • Back: Netherfury Cape
  • Shoulders: Shoulders of Ruinous Senility
  • Hands: Gloves of Pentinence
  • Waist: Akama’s Sash
  • Feet: Netherwind Boots
  • Off-hand: Regal Star

I love this mog, I hope you do too!

Dress Up – Married!

Welcome back.


I’ve been a bit slack recently, but I quite enjoyed putting this mog together. I really wanted to do an ‘alternative’ wedding, but in the end, the white called to me so I went with it.

And I EVEN crafted the dress!!! It’s just a shame I couldn’t be bothered to finish it off, but at least I made that effort!

Totally traditional and very simple. I even got an up-do for the occasion!


Aviary Photo_130308995364651173


Aviary Photo_130308995208103802


I always feel really limited by the lack of nice shoes and visible jewelerry, but I still think she looks very pretty.

  • Head: Circlet of Faith
  • Chest: White Wedding Dress
  • Bracers: Replica Virtuous Bracers
  • Feet: Ringo’s Blizzard Boots

If teamed with the ‘Gentleman’ look from week 6 (which could be dressed up with a Tuxedo Jacket), I think it would be perfectly fitting 😀

Dress Up – Nature!

Welcome back to the Nature edition of Dress Up by @GPBatinna.


When I think of nature, I think of the elements. Air, Fire, Water, Earth. I also think of the weather.

I have lots of transmogs which remind me of ‘nature’, let’s have a look at a few:

Mr B’s Shaman, who likes to Thundershock things…

Aviary Photo_130173432432731346

My Shaman has loads, as I’ve always kept to what I think Shamanism is about: communing with nature.

Water and Air (a very old photo, so not a good quality, sorry!)…


Fire and metal…

Aviary Photo_130144959696282773

Earth and nature…

Aviary Photo_130212012686999618

My Priest, who has a big affiliation with Light…

Aviary Photo_130212012890441095

Or a newbie Druid in her level 1 robes?


Or my Hunter, who I wanted to show as being ‘earthy’ and primal, hunting in the woods with the animals…

Aviary Photo_130116367652604246

My Mage, who has always had an Ice/Frost or Fire mog….

Aviary Photo_130212014347818055


Most of these mogs, if you’re interested, can be found on the navigation bar on the right hand side, under Transmogrification.

Dress Up – Princess!

It’s Princess week! Yay!

dressupI’m so excited!

I love Disney and their Princesses, so I decided I would see if I could copy one. The most interesting (other than my favourite, Mulan whose Chinese style was hard to copy), was Snow White. All of the others just had block colour dresses which I thought would be cheating a bit!

Here she is…


So, I used my human Hunter to reproduce the look. I didn’t stick to mail, I used anything I could to get the right colours and style, so do forgive me.

dress up princess


  • Head: Marshcreeper Helm
  • Shoulders: Blue Dragonscale Shoulders
  • Chest: Robes of the Battleguard
  • Back: Cloak of Impulsiveness
  • Feet: Burnished Boots
  • Shirt: Blue Linen Shirt

It’s always such a shame that WoW hasn’t got nice footwear in… some pretty heels would do the job nicely here!

See you next week!

Dress Up – Viking!

We’re back for the next installment of Dress Up, by Batinna!

I really enjoyed making this! I tried to use things only the Viking’s might have access to, but the names of the items of clothes played a big part in the creation of this mog too. Obviously, I’ve gone on what I thought a Viking may have looked like – lots of leather and cloth, the traditional two horned helmet and an axe, to chop people up with. Duh.

Aviary Photo_130284104383420409

Aviary Photo_130284104236525495


  • Head: Helm of the Majestic Stag
  • Chest: Lionfur Armour
  • Cloak: Dokebi Cape
  • Shirt: Brown Linen Shirt
  • Gloves:  Lupine Handwraps (for those cold nights on the boat)
  • Waist: Hillman’s Belt (probably stolen off a corpse…)
  • Legs: Ravager Hide Leggings
  • Feet: Cutthroat Boots (because they sound brutal)
  • Main Hand: Grunt Axe (nothing too fancy, substance before style, people!)
  • Off-hand: Ravager’s Shield (grr)

Dress Up – Pimp!

I can’t believe I’m dressing my dear Banker up as a Pimp, but here goes!

dressupI haven’t ever seen a Pimp, nor looked at what they’re wearing, so all I know about them is from films. I’ve gone with the block colour, bling-bling image that I have of them from the movies. I would have loved a cane and more leopard print, but unfortunately haven’t been able to find it.

Aviary Photo_130278661577389738Items

  • Head: Crimson Felt Hat
  • Chest: Corsair’s Overshirt (duh, the He-V is still so in!)
  • Waist: Viter Binder Wrap (every self-respecting pimp needs some bling!)
  • Legs: Red Mageweave Pants
  • Feet: Stitched Sandals
  • Off-hand: Binding Staff (closest thing to a cane I could find)

See you next week! 😀


Dress Up – Knight!

Welcome back to @GPBatinna’s Dress Up challenge.


This is week 7 (hasn’t time flown!) and it’s Mr B here with my “Dark Knight” transmog. I loved creating this mog, and if I ever have a Paladin at max level, he’d definitely be wearing this!

Aviary Photo_130273680627010373Items

Head: Deathspeak Zealot’s Helm

Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Apocalypse

Chest: Battleplate of the Apocalypse

Gloves: Plated Fists of Provocation

Belt: Beech Green Belt

Legs: Terrastra’s Legguards

Feet: Wartorn Crushers

Sword: Lava Spine

Shield: Brutal Gladiator’s Shield Wall

Dress Up – Gentleman!


Welcome back to Batinna’s dress up challenge. This one, for a change, I ACTUALLY HAVE THE MOG FOR!!!

Tip your hat to a very distinguished gentleman, Bankerbee.

Aviary Photo_130264274710552392

This, obviously, is our level 1 Preist bank alt. He currently looks after all our heirlooms, timeless gear and is generally extremely helpful around town. I haven’t quite finished (I’d like a top hat), but it’s an ongoing project as I refuse to spend 1000’s of gold on it! It’s really fun only using grey and white items, I’d recommend it!


  • Head: Noble’s Monacle
  • Shirt: Formal White Shirt
  • Legs: Tuxedo Pants
  • Feet: Dress Shoes
  • Off-hand: Red Rose

Dress Geek!

Well, we should all be expert at this, right? 😉

dressupWe actually found this really difficult… but here’s what we came up with.

Aviary Photo_130260623508180250

WoW cosplay geek #dressup.

Neither of us really like the term “geek” as it’s a bit derogatory and seems negative, but we embrace our geekiness! We thought about what being a “geek” is and especially what being a Warcraft geek might entail. We got to thinking about buying into the brand, trading cards and Blizzcon… then onto how dressing up at Blizzcon is a big thing and about how we would totally do it given the opportunity. We decided that cosplay is a massive thing, which is definitely portrayed as geeky to non-gamers, so wanted to find an armour set that we thought was classic and would be really fun to participate in cosplay with.

These are the Vestments of Eternal Blossom recolour and we think they symbolise being a WoW geek perfectly!