Dress Punk!

Back to Batinna’s Dress Up challenge.


This is week ‘Punk’ and when we realised, Mr B was desperate to create one. So… here we go.

Punk really appealed to me, and once I got into the challenge, I had a brilliant time creating this mog. So much so, I’m really tempted to grind it out. However, it is reliant on some shoulder drops from Primordious, so it’s a very labour-intensive grind. Still, I love it that much, I’m willing to be patient!

This mog is reliant on the dual-wield, so for that purpose, it’s on a warrior. I chose a Dwarf because I think they’re awesome. The beard. Always the beard.

Aviary Photo_130253058835784467


  • Head – Specialised Retinal Armour
  • Shoulders – Spaulders of Primordial Growth
  • Chest – Chestplate of the Northern Lights
  • Gloves – Reaver Gloves
  • Waist – Crawler Emblem Belt
  • Legs – Muradin’s Lost Greaves
  • Feet – Beserkers Sabatons
  • Weapons – Finkle’s Lava Dredger

Dress Fishy!

This week, there’s something fishy in the air… (here‘s the explanation if you’re new to the challenge)


My Mage spends a lot of her time fishing, and I’m always looking for the perfect outfit. I mean, do you go for style over substance? Or functionality? Or even colour coding?? Fishing in Jade Forest is all well and good, but it can get a bit chilly up in Kun’Lai Summit…

Aviary Photo_130246058535519243

Aviary Photo_130246058424008258


  • Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat… because every fisherwoman worth her salt needs one!
  • Yellow Lumberjack Shirt. Old school, but fabulous.
  • Anglers Tabard. Wear it with pride, my dears.
  • Unsanitary Gloves. Well now, you wouldn’t wear your best hauling those stinking things out of the lake, would you?
  • Detonation Cord. Best belt e.v.e.r! It has a little pouch for your equipment, and it EXPLODES! You don’t even need a pole, just throw it in and kill the damn things!
  • Heavy Woolen Pants. Now you don’t need me to explain these, do you?
  • Walking Boots. Because stilettos aren’t invented yet…
  • Dragon Fishing Pole. I’m all up for this, return-to-the-old-school-ways-of-using-a-stick, but actually, I love my pole and would never fish without it!

Dress Pirate! Yarrr.

Annnnd for the second installment of Batinna’s dress up challenge, it’s Pirate Week!

dressupI’m really sorry Batinna, I’m going to have to cheat this week…. BUT at least I grinded it myself. No Mogit involved :p

Aviary Photo_130236519190942545

The item I used is the Rime of the Time-Lost Mariner, which is looted from the Ghost Ship on Timeless Isle.

I hope ye all ‘av a jolly scurvy Pirate week, arrrrr!

P.s… If ye’re lookin’ fer a giggle, I found ’tis site to help ye all get into th’ mood: http://postlikeapirate.com/

Dress Poor!

Another awesome blog challenge for us to enjoy, this one by Batinna. Check out her blog here.


I probably won’t have time to go out and farm the gear (as much as I want to), BUT I might cheat and use mogit to show you what I’d do… I hope Batinna forgives me 😉

Anyway, this week is “poor”. I first thought about the recession, then about clothes I couldn’t buy, then about how I wish I could sew. THEN I remembered that my mage is a tailor and can make her own clothes! So… off I went and with a budget of 15g and some linen cloth, I made my own set of totally dapper clothes:

Aviary Photo_130233997378976045

Aviary Photo_130233997151824900


Embroidered Hat: free! Oh, I bought some thread for 8 copper…

Reinforced Linen Cape: free!

Brown Linen Robe: free!

Heavy Linen Gloves: free!

Linen Belt: free!

Russet Boots: free!

Walking Stick: 2g from the vendor in Elwynn Forest

Of course, the drawback to making your own clothes out of left over cloth is that you can’t go being an adventurer as you die really easily. Hmm…