#IntPiPoMo – Pictures 39-52 (T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z)

I promised myself I’d finish this challenge today in time for the New Year, so a month late, here is the final installment of #IntPiPoMo

T – Tree and Tent

Aviary Photo_130329578734571395

I thought a Christmas tree was rather apt, and the tent looks amazing – found somewhere in the region of Sethekk Halls when questing.

U – Underwear!

Aviary Photo_130329579670292226

I seem to have a lot of pictures in my underwear – the first for the Naked Raid we did on the blog, the second for @AdmiringAzeroth’s birthday a few months ago, where we went skinny dipping.

V -Vitreous Stone Drake and Vehicle

Aviary Photo_130329580666476355

I love this drake and was lucky enough for it to be an easy drop (for a change!). The vehicle picture was taken whilst levelling with friends, we had a giggle how the panda model doesn’t fit in the side car of the Motorbike!

W – Witch and Worgen

Aviary Photo_130329581873737441

I love this witch mog, which I tweaked recently from one I wore as a newbie level 90 last year. The worgen is Aryette, my warlock.

X – Xuen and Xu-Fu

Aviary Photo_130329582840816532

These two cuties were an obvious choice. Their model and colouring is beautiful.

Y – Yu’lon Kite and Yellow Sunstone Panther

Aviary Photo_130329583646441041

A pet I don’t yet have and my favourite mount.

Z – Zookeeper and Zangarmarsh

Aviary Photo_130329584427191001

I worked hard for this title (and the hat) so I wear it all the time. Zangarmarsh is one of my favourite zones and I can’t wait to see it in the new expansion!

This challenge was the hardest one, but overall I’ve had a lot of fun deciding which pictures to use for which letters. I know I’ve gone over the 50, but I wanted to do the whole alphabet 🙂

We’ll see you in the New Year!

#IntPiPoMo – Pictures 33-38 (Q,R,S)

Here’s some more IntPiPoMo for you good people!

Q – Queue and Quest

Aviary Photo_130318635401902475We all know that queue well enough, and the queue times associated with it! We are also all too familiar with the quest sign… where would we be without that little yellow exclamation mark?

R – Rogue and Rageclaw Pups

Aviary Photo_130318634765012730This is one of my favourite screenshots ever of my Rogue outside Sunwell enjoying the sunset. The Rageclaw pups looked so cute sleeping as we quested that we just had to take a picture. You can see Mr B there in the middle, soaking up the fluffiness!

S – Sylvanaar and Stormwind

Aviary Photo_130318635540252534

Sylvanaar was a lucky find – it was so beautiful as we were questing, I took this screenie of the well with no intention of using it for the blog. However, I couldn’t miss it out. Similarly with Stormwind, a must-have for any picture collection!  FOR THE ALLIANCE! 😉

#IntPiPoMo – Pictures 27-32 (N,O,P)

We are back on the #IntPiPoMo after a couple of weeks unplanned break. Sorry we weren’t able to get this finished in time for November, but better late than never, right?

N – Night Elf and Nethergarde Keep

Aviary Photo_130309784490730473

I have two Nelfs and they’re both very dear to my heart. I love how refined they are! A little bit vain though… I was questing near Nethergarde Keep, so this is why it made it to my ‘N’ picture category.

O – Outland and Orebor Harborage

Aviary Photo_130309784313602077

Outland is rather iconic, how could we not include it? Orebor is another place we were questing in yesterday when I started thinking about ‘O’.  It’s a rather beautiful place, nestled amongst the mushrooms!

P – Pets and Pandas

Aviary Photo_130309784179407905

Two of my favourite things in WoW currently! I’m really into pet battling and collecting pets and I’m also really into Pandas. I’ve now levelled 3 out of the starting zone before realising I can’t be bothered going to 90 😀

See you soon for Q, R and S!

#IntPiPoMo – Pictures 21-26 (K,L,M)

Welcome back! We’re half way through!

K – Kalimdor and King Varian Wrynn

Aviary Photo_130295287690764992

Kalimdor is somewhere I haven’t really explored much, although I have got a lowbie Horde that I’m levelling slowly. King Wrynn? He’s just a dude.

L – Lightwell and Lich King

Aviary Photo_130295285454912758This is the closing cinematic of ICC when you defeat the Lich King, epic, isn’t it! My lovely little Priest with her Lightwell on the right.

M – Monkey (Gib) and Mantid

Aviary Photo_130295294917932861

Here’s my Monk hanging out in Klaxxi with the creepy Mantid. I had to cheat for Gib on the right, although I have him, I’m camping for a rare in Hyjal and didn’t want to revisit my stable to get him out. More on that another time!

#IntPiPoMo – Pictures 15-20 (H,I,J)

Here’s the next installment of #IntPiPoMo, from @AdmiringAzeroth.

H- Halfhill and Honour Hold

Aviary Photo_130289128830288883

Halfhill is one of my favourite places in the MoP expansion. Honour Hold continues to puzzle me, with its multiple entrances and nasty ogres!

I – Imperial Eagle Chick and Instances

Aviary Photo_130289128615516495A very regal pet. Instances, love them or hate them, we all do them!

J – Jade Forest and Jaina Proudmoore

Aviary Photo_130289128467397272My favourite place in the world is Jade Forest (seconded closely by Nagrand!). It’s such a beautiful and -mostly- serene place to visit. Jaina is Mr B’s choice – fabulous woman!

#IntPiPoMo – Pictures 9-14 (E,F,G)

Here’s the 2nd installment of our #IntPiPoMo, hosted by JoJo (@AdmiringAzeroth).

E – Elegon and Elemental

Aviary Photo_130284852049621516We still don’t have that damn mount, he’s so pretty! My Elemental is close to my heart, always by my side faithfully fighting the bad guys.

F – Firelands and Flying

Aviary Photo_130284855655149370

Firelands was Mr B’s choice as he loves it! Flying, possibly the best thing about reaching level cap in MoP and no longer having to run everywhere on a ground mount! Shame about the 4k cost…

G – G’nathus and Gnome

Aviary Photo_130284862565657702If you haven’t already seen him, you should go and visit G’nathus, who hangs out in the water on the island behind Niuzao Temple. He has 100% chance to drop the pet above too, and if you kite him with a pet, soloable! Gnomes, I couldn’t do G without featuring my lovely little Gnomie, who is very dear to me!

See you Wednesday for the next installment of our travels around Azeroth!

#IntPiPoMo – Pictures 1-8 (A,B,C,D)

So excited for our first pictures. So, with no more ado, here they are!

A – Angler’s Wharf and Archaeology

Aviary Photo_130279738841675394I love the Anglers, such a wonderful bunch of people and their Wharf is a calming place to fish. On the other hand, Archaeology is not my favourite thing in the world… although you can get addicted with all those available achievement points.

B – Battle Pets and Battlegrounds

Aviary Photo_130279744854194762So many pets to battle! I’ve recently started naming mine, becoming a bit obsessed! Battlegrounds, ugh.

C – Crowd and Canals

Aviary Photo_130279751447611678This was the crowd on our server surrounding the quest giver on the Timeless Isle. We put up with supreme lag for days after the release of the patch! The canals are a nice place to watch the world go by… just make sure you turn Trade Chat off first!!

D – Dwarf and Dalaran

Aviary Photo_130279763608524783This Dwarf, a Mr Furen Longbeard of the Dwarven District, has a particularly fine beard. Dalaran looks magnificent from every angle… except perhaps the sewers…!

See you at the weekend for the next set of screenies! *flies off to start snapping*

#IntPiPoMo – Introduction

Welcome to the newest blogging challenge, hosted by Jojo over at Admiring Azeroth. Her post (here) explains all the background for this latest challenge, which is now in its 3rd year! We are really glad to be able to take part this year, even if it is a mammoth one!

The challenge

  • 50 screenshots over the course of the month of November. We’re already a bit behind, so we need to get a wiggle on
  • No particular themes or deadlines, just photos uploaded to your blog or twitter

If you’d like to take part, head on over to her blog or twitter to let her know. There’s a list of all participants there.

We will be posting them on the theme of the Alphabet. We will put 3 or 4 letters in each post, 1 or 2 posts per week throughout November. We hope this will mean less spam for you and easier reading, but it will mean that Picture of the Week will not exist this month. There’s only so many screenshots one can take 😀

We start on Wednesday, see you then!