Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #2

Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #2

How has WoW changed or impacted your life?

Like many others, WoW has had a huge impact on our personal lives. 

Mr B: for me, the impact on my life was greatest when I was younger. Pre-WoW, I was on a route to self destruction, drinking so much I didn’t realise I’d knocked my teeth out, smoking my wage away, fighting and generally being an idiot. If something hadn’t have changed, I would be in jail right now.

Luckily, my brother suggested downloading this new game called World of Warcraft and after a few teething problems (I rage quit a few hours in when I couldn’t do the Void Walker quest), I found my mojo a week later and haven’t looked back since.

Finding a new group of online friends, spending hours online with them in game got me off the streets. I found new like-minded friends and stopped drinking. Then, Mrs B came along and now I had two priorities…

Mrs B: it took me three years to adopt the “if you can’t beat them, join them” attitude to the “stupid game” he spent all his time on ūüėČ I rolled a NElf mage initially (didn’t last), neither of us can remember when I rolled the Gnome, but I’ve always been a Mage. 
From my point of view, other than finding a great hobby, the impact has been a little less profound but just as important. Other couples go to the pub, or the cinema, or dancing… We play WoW. Having something to enjoy together has helped our relationship no end, we always have something to talk about (that isn’t the children!!) that’s for sure.

As a couple, we have made – we hope – lifelong friendships with a few of our in-game friends. It frustrates us daily that we aren’t closer geographically to them too. We have met one couple, with hope to meet others soon. Life, kids, work all inevitably get in the way, but we continue to hope. These friendships have had a great impact on both our personal and gaming lives… not sure where we would be without them!

(Pic from our naked raid with our lovely pals)

ZandCinder’s Blog Challenge #16

ZandCinder’s Blog Challenge #16

Which zone or area in WoW reminds you of home? 

I suppose if we are to answer this, we must first establish where “home” is – WoW home, RL home, spiritual home. Am I overthinking this?!

For us, home is in middle England. Google Shropshire, our home county.


We are landlocked, we have a big river and a few smaller rivers, we are a farming community with lots of arable land, a few reaaaaally big hills and many old historic market towns (if you’re really interested, google Ironbridge, Shrewsbury, Much Wenlock, Market Drayton for examples). There’s a short rhyme Salopians like to quote:

“Shropshire born, Shropshire bred. Strong the arm, thick in the ‘ead!”

So you might not be surprised that I’ve always been drawn to Halfhill. I’ve written about it fairly extensively (here is the most popular post).


I always loved the quests at Halfhill – especially the farm (I know lots didn’t like it, but I spent a lot of time hanging out in that little hut with my dog), the cooking and rep quests and the fishing in surrounding rivers.

WoWScrnShot_042817_194447I also think the lovely little community and market they have in Halfhill also reminds me a lot of home. When I visited to take pictures, I even had a wonder round to see what everyone had for sale and reacquaint myself with my old pals. Patted my yak and pig, dig up some weeds. Joy in the small things.

WoWScrnShot_042817_194255I could harp on for ages, but essentially, I just love this place and think because I feel at home in my hut with my animals and the little market to shop in, I have little inclination to live anywhere else. I would love it if they did something similar in future expansions (partly why I was so excited for garrisons, but they just didn’t cut it for me!), but perhaps just as a place for you, not saddled with tasks needed for Rep or mats. A flower garden with stables and a pet menagerie would be fantastic. Even better if I could enchant it like the Mage class hall in Dalaran, with floating books and magical broomsticks.

What a lovely topic, I look forward to the next!

Oh, by the way, I asked Mr B to contribute but after thinking about it for too long, he pulled a pained expression and pleaded to be let off this one. I can’t decide whether he’s just being lazy, or whether he has so many favourite places he just can’t decide /facepalm


ZandCinder’s Blog Challenge #15

Why do you love WoW and what makes you keep coming back to it?

I’ve been trying to catch up with all the blogs I’ve missed out on and reconnect with what used to be – and I’m sure still is – a really lovely blogging community. I stumbled upon this gem en route… find it¬†here.

I know I’ve come in a bit late to the game, but I hope you don’t mind me joining in with your challenge and this topic seems particularly apt.

Mr B: it’s simple really. The lore. The endless game play. Something for everyone. I’ve been playing so many years, as have others, that it’s testament to how much game play there is. I’ve been so impressed with this expansion so far, I can’t wait to really get stuck in.

Mrs B: I’m not sure if there’s just one or two reasons. For sure, there’s loads of lore and history, but that’s never really been my thing. It’s just so confusing. I know lots come back for the raiding and end content. This is something I enjoy but never have the time for… so it’s not that.

I think the reason I find myself craving WoW above other games I enjoy, is that I can do achievements, I can mog, I can raid, I can chat with friends, I can pet battle, I can solo content or play with friends, I can do nothing but admire the scenery if I like… so many things I enjoy all in a package you can’t find anywhere else. It’s so versatile that there’s always something you could be doing… of course, whether you want to or not is a different issue!

We are looking forward to the next topic!

Liebster Awards 2015

It’s that time of year when the blogging challenges come back around, which is great as it gets us back in the habit of writing.


You can see last years answers here.

This year, we were kindly nominated by Zeirah at A is for Azeroth. We have also received a nomination from Syrco... I’ll try and get round to it, but I’m sorry in advance if I don’t manage ‚̧


Answer 11 questions from the person that nominated you, share 11 facts about yourself and make 11 questions for 5 other bloggers to answer.

11 Questions from Zeirah

1. What makes you smile?

IRL: watching the baby move under my skin (I know, soppy alert). Oh and chocolate. In game: fishing in really pretty places currently makes me really happy РI spent most of my gaming time yesterday at the Sunset Shore. Lovely! 

My wife. Had to say that :p

2. Where do you see yourself in 50 years?

With the UK’s retirement age creeping up – probably still at work. I’d like to say we would both be in a camper van touring Europe though, that’s the dream.

Much the same. Wife, kids, grandkids, retired. Ok, maybe not retired.

3. Is there one class in wow you haven’t been able to really gel with?

Yes, a rogue. That and a warrior are the only classes I haven’t yet got at level 90. I was going to use the boost on it, but it seems a waste as I wouldn’t really play either. I have a geared twink rogue at 70, and I twinked purely because I couldn’t imagine levelling it any more….

Not really, I’m a serial altoholic and I play them all. However, I have only ever had one max level druid (compared to 3 or 4 of the other classes), so if I had to pick, I’d say Druid.


4. What is your biggest problem/challenge when it comes to blogging?

Time. Getting home from work, doing the housework, having tea, doing my prep work for the next day (I’m a teacher)…. I just can’t motivate to write a post too.¬†

Finding interesting stuff to write about. I don’t think people would be interested in what I have to say!

5. What is your dream career?

I love teaching, it’s what I’ve always wanted to do. I suppose the dream would be to specialise…. I teach music at the moment, I’d like to branch out into special needs and music therapy, but that’s not looking likely.

Professional video game player. Hell yeah.

6. What is the one thing in wow you love doing the most?

Achieving a goal. For example, max level professions or Loremaster. I set myself a goal then spend the next few weeks obsessing. Currently, I’m doing the 100 enormous fish for the level 3 fishing shack and the 150 pet battles.

I’m not really playing at the moment. If I had to choose though, I’d say PvPing. It’s something I always come back to.

7. What is your favourite book?

Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah. It’s a teen book but beautiful.

The Eragon series and the Game of Thrones series. If you haven’t read them… BE ASHAMED!

8. if you could choose the next playable race, what would it be?

I don’t know enough about Lore to answer this, but Naga sound cool.

Tuskarr! Walruses that you can play? Awesome!

9. What is the most delicious food you have ever eaten?

Chocolate! I especially like Belgian Seashells. 

I had a veal steak on our honeymoon in Paris. Oh my god. It was gorgeous. Moar please.

10. Who is your favourite wow character?

NPC or…? Out of my own, Louloutte. Even though Blizzard seem to have forgotten the cannon and gone OTT on the glass, I still love her even though I die constantly. Not sure about NPCs… Nomi was pretty cute. Lorewalker Cho also told some pretty cool stories.

Onyxia. I liked fighting her human form, the quest line to fight her was pretty awesome.

11. What do you think the next expansion should be about?

Lore knowledge holds me back here, sorry. I’m open to anything, but no more ogres please!

GNOMES! Ha, no seriously, the Burning Legion. I like the idea of lots of demons. And fire. 

11 facts about us

  1. We are British.
  2. We met in a club called Pussycats. Yeah, we don’t usually share that.
  3. We have a guinea pig called Ernie who growls like a dog
  4. We love Formula 1! Would love to go to Silverstone one day, but tickets are soooo expensive. Maybe for our 50th anniversary or something ūüėČ Go Hamilton!
  5. The thing we argue most about as a couple is probably our accents. I have a Queens accent, Mr B has a northern one. I think he sounds like a pleb, he thinks I’m anally posh. Pff, I’m right of course.
  6. In WoW, just like IRL, I am a habitual saver. Mr B is a spender. He keeps telling me it’s only pretend money, but I like to see the cash mount up!
  7. He calls me a Gnome to my face. The cowbag… I’m not that small!
  8. We both love music! I teach it and Mr B appreciates it…. tunelessly. I think our child will grow up with a massively eclectic taste, we will listen to literally anything.
  9. We also both love the Romans and have been known to do a 2 hour diversion off our route to go and visit ruins or a museum. Fascinating period of history.
  10. Many of our holidays consist of getting to a base (a large town or city), then visiting as many small towns and villages around there that we can. We don’t have a plan, we drive in a direction, see what there is and do it. Our last holiday, we ended up at a mini model village at the seaside. It was brill.
  11. We love to collect art, especially local art which means something to us. We have recently been given a painting of the church where we got married. One of our favourites is a painting/print of where we got engaged. We also have a limited edition copy of a rare photograph. I hope they will be our children’s heirlooms one day.

Nominate others

We would like to nominate Thibaste, Heallarious and wowstorylines.

Your questions are:

  1. How old were you when you played your first video game?
  2. Did you ever play an N64? If so, what was your favourite game?
  3. Would you rather play a Gnome or a Goblin? Why?
  4. If you had to choose between only ever doing PvE or PvP, which would you pick and why?
  5. What’s been your favourite raid or instance in WoW?
  6. If you could live in Azeroth, where would you choose?
  7. If you had to marry an NPC, which would it be and why?
  8. What set up do you use to game? Any tips for others interested in upgrading their pc?
  9. Have you ever met any gaming pals that you met online?
  10. Do you enjoy watching/visiting Blizzcon? Why/why not?
  11. Would you let your children play WoW? At what age? Why/why not?

Have fun guys!

A Community Project – I Need YOUR Help!

I’m really tired of all the negativity about the game I love most, World of Warcraft, that’s rocking our community at the moment. EVERYWHERE I turn there’s someone moaning… forums, twitter, skype, in-game…. BAH.

So, here’s my solution, for which I need YOUR help.



I would like to head a community project called:


…or something.

What I propose is that we all list the top 3 things in Warcraft that¬†we LOVE. The things that make us play the game. The events, places, achievements, battlegrounds… whatever it is that floats your boat. The more ideas we get the better – so many people haven’t heard or haven’t bothered with certain things because they don’t know (enough) about it. Let’s change that. Let’s give the community our joy of the game back.

All you need to do is blog (and link) or tweet or DM me your choices and I will compile them into a list which I hope will look like this:

  • SUGGESTION – link to whose idea it was, a longer description/wowhead info if necessary etc

very short blurb describing the basics of the suggestion (time, place, faction etc)

Whether it’s one suggestion, or five, I don’t think it matters. What matters is the passion and the enthusiasm. No moaning allowed!

So, what d’ya think? Will you take part and help us to spread the love of our game?

The Liebster Awards, part 2.

We were nominated for Liebster award by both Manatidetotem and Zuulzilla!

ob_a57650_liebster-award-vert“For those of you who do not know what this Liebster thing is all about: The Liebster Award is a small token of appreciation given to bloggers for doing what they do best and also a way for bloggers to learn about other bloggers. We are all connected in the great circle of‚Ķ blogging!”

We were given different rules for both, but the general idea is that you answer the questions posed (at least 10), then nominate other bloggers to answer them.

This post ended up being a massive wall of text (which was unreadable), so I’ve published it in two parts. Zuul nominated us first, so her’s was on Sunday, read it here. Mana’s is today with our own nominations and questions at the end.

manatidetotem‘s questions

1.What inspired you to become a blogger?

  • We both enjoy playing WoW and we hadn’t seen many blogs around the idea of couples playing WoW together. We thought other people might enjoy reading about what we get upto.
  • A crazy idea!

2. What was the first character you raided with?  Which raid was it?  Do you still use this character as your main?

  • I only started raiding this expansion as I came to WoW late in Cataclysm. I “raid” (in the loosest sense of the term) with my Mage, who is my main. I also have a Monk who I started to do Flex with before I stopped Flexing. I would love a normals team but I am somewhat time restricted.
  • Rogue, Molton Core. I have a rogue at max level, but it’s Alliance. I was Horde back then. The rogue I raided with is currently level 86.

3. If you could instantly be knowledgeable and proficient with any class/spec, what would you pick and why?

  • Possibly Fire on the Mage? Actually, either of the other specs… I have the gear level to play either successfully, but I can’t really figure it out. I’d really like to be able to do something vital like Tank or Heal though, I dabble in both but I’m definitely not knowledgeable.
  • I’m knowledgeable about every class *grins*

4. If you could live in any virtual gaming world, which one would you choose?

  • Maybe Minecraft – if you want to change the world around you, you could!
  • If I got to be my character, then Warcraft.

5. What would you do if Blizzard shut down WoW permanently?  Would you play another MMO or game?

  • Probably, maybe GW2 or another one you have to pay for. At the moment we can’t justify spending money (even as a one off) on another hobby.
  • I’d cry. Then I’d find another game to play.

6. If you could change anything about the class you play in WoW, what would you change and why?

  • My Water Elemental – why can’t you name them? Why can’t they change colour? Why doesn’t it melt in fire?
  • Nothing, honestly. I play Warcraft because I love what it is, not what I wish it would be.

7. If you could pick any job in the gaming industry, what would it be?

  • Head Honcho – I wanna be in the board meetings making the big decisions!
  • Games Tester. Duh.

8. Are there any bloggers out there who you aspire to be like? What is it about them that you love?

  • Sounds big headed, but not particularly. Each blogger is unique for a reason. I love The Godmother’s blog – she comes up with a post every day, that’s dedication!
  • No.

9. If you could be in any top-end raiding guild, which one would you pick?

  • None! Imagine the stress and having no life!
  • I wouldn’t either. I like to play the game for fun, and I imagine the race for completion first would spoil that.

10. What is the oldest screenshot you have in your WoW Screenshots Folder?  What is the story behind it?

  • I only started taking screenies when we started the blog. So one of the two Gnomes together probably.
  • A picture of Mrs B’s mage I took so I could make a personalised birthday card for her. It said: “Grats on your ding!” It took a while for her to get it :p I still¬† have it though!

11. What is your favorite in-game memory of WoW?

  • Everyone coming together for the Naked Raid. So fun! Read about it here.
  • In Vanilla with two of my other rogue friends, ganking people while they were fighting Azuregos.

Our questions

  1. How long have you been blogging?
  2. What’s been the highlight of your blogging career so far?
  3. Which has been your favourite WoW expansion and why?
  4. Which is¬† the most popular blog post you’ve ever published? Link it!
  5. If they were to remove flying from WoD, would you quit? If so, for how long?
  6. What is your favourite thing to do in a group in WoW?
  7. Link your favourite transmog item and some info on where to get it.
  8. Does your significant other play WoW? If so, do you group together often? If not, why not?
  9. What is the last nice thing you did for a stranger in WoW?
  10. What other MMO’s do you play?

Our nominees:

The Liebster Awards, part 1.

We were nominated for Liebster award by both Manatidetotem and Zuulzilla!

ob_a57650_liebster-award-vert“For those of you who do not know what this Liebster thing is all about: The Liebster Award is a small token of appreciation given to bloggers for doing what they do best and also a way for bloggers to learn about other bloggers. We are all connected in the great circle of‚Ķ blogging!”

We were given different rules for both, but the general idea is that you answer the questions posed (at least 10), then nominate other bloggers to answer them.

This post ended up being a massive wall of text (which was unreadable), so I’m going to publish it in two parts. Zuul nominated us first, so hers are today. Mana’s tomorrow with our own nominations and questions.

Zuulzilla‘s questions

1. Who, what, and/or where does your blogging inspiration come from?

  • Ourselves, WoW, the community, our lives.
  • It was just a random idea…

2. What do you/did you want to be when you grow up?

  • I wanted to be a pilot, then a vet, then a teacher. I am now the latter…. I’m allergic to fur and was rubbish at Physics.
  • An architect. But I figured out I probably couldn’t do it when I realised I couldn’t draw. Pff.

3. What advice do you have for someone just starting out in blogging?

  • Read lots of other blogs, interact with your community, join Twitter, post regularly and use excellent spelling and grammar.¬†I cannot read a blog with bad English, sorry folks. If you struggle with this, try dictating it into a programme or getting someone to proof read it for you.
  • Get your wife to check your spellings.

4. What are some things on your bucket list?

  • Road trip Route 66 (or part of) in America, foster a child, take my Mum to New York.
  • Drive a racecar!

5. What clique were you in in high school?

  • The highly nerdy Music clique. Every day was another music club and we went abroad every year to perform. I loved school and I loved Music. Probably why I became a Music teacher, eh?
  • I was the popular kid. The one who bullied Mrs B :p

6. You are exiled to an island and can take three items. What do you choose?

  • Does this island have electricity? Is it inhabited? If so, I’d like my kindle, a radio and a phrasebook so I understand the natives. Maybe I’d finally get round to reading the Warcraft books…
  • My wife! Teabags! My PC…. even if I can’t use it, I can look at it and dream…

7. If you could go back 5 years and share one piece of advice with yourself, what would you say?

  • Don’t give up on searching for that Dream Job – you WILL succeed and you’ll be very happy!
  • I honestly don’t know. That’s quite a philosophical question that would take a lot of thinking.

8. Who’s your favorite Superhero?

  • I don’t know any, sorry :p Oh wait… Batman and Spiderman they’re superheroes right? Nah, don’t like bats or spiders. Can I make up my own?
  • The Hulk. HULK SMASH.

9. Favorite place to visit?

  • My Mum’s, I don’t see her enough! If I’m not allowed that, probably the place we got engaged or married? Oh, or France, I lived there for a while, it’s amazing.
  • I love the Romans, so anything that has their history.

10. Dinosaurs or Dragons? Why?

  • Dragons, because the only friendly dinosaur I’ve ever heard of is Barney…..
  • Dragons because they breathe fire!

Blogversary Competition – The Results!

Hi everyone!

Thank you to everyone who entered the blog competition. We had a really hard job of deciding the winner, as you all produced some really lovely entries.

Here are the right answers, featuring yours truly ūüėČ

Clue 1 – just outside Amberpine Lodge, Grizzly Hills


Clue 2 – (39,53) Jade Forest, Pandaria


Clue 3 – Lights Hope Chapel


Clue 4 – Molton Core


Did you get them all correct??

Honourable mentions

We had some really lovely entries and I want to show you them all, but as we don’t have the room on this post, we thought these ones deserved a special mention:

Rinike (clue 1), it’s truly beautiful, well done!


Synyster Aya (clue 2). Even though it’s the wrong place, it’s really lovely.

clue 2


We judged the pictures entered like so:

  • Were they in the right places? (a few people got confused on clue two between Sholozar Basin and Serpents Heart in Pandaria. The Basin pics were all amazing though, we kinda wish we had thought of there! :p)
  • Creativity

The winner got the location of every picture right and we especially liked the effort she made to dress up in her wedding outfit (and Birthday outfit in Molton Core!!!) in the following picture:

clue 3Congratulations to Jojo over at @AdmiringAzeroth!


We have Lumpy to give to Jojo as our winner! Poke us when you’re next online Jo, and we’ll pass him over.

We also had some other (little) prizes lined up, and we have enough for everyone who entered. So, you’ll be hearing from us this week to organise a drop off! Those who entered are welcome to blog their entries – we didn’t have room to feature them all today sadly.

Thanks everyone, for making it a really great first year of blogging!

Blogversary Competition – FINAL CLUE!

Hi guys!

Today is the final clue for the competition. You have until tomorrow (Sat 18th) at MIDNIGHT GMT to get all the clues to us for judging. You’re welcome to do this via DM or mention on Twitter.

Remember, the more creative the better!

Welcome back to the very last clue,

It’s the last one, but don’t be blue!

For this you must go on an adventure,

It is into a raid that you must venture.


You all know that we like to take,

Our clothes off, around our mates.

Yes, it sounds naughty, but it’s lots of fun!

Getting naked and going on the run.


You must travel to the place which is full of fire,

Where we fought in just our underwear…

Alongside a group of very special tweeps,

With whose company we love to keep.


So are you brave enough to journey there?

To take a pic with artistic flair?

Blogversary Competition – Clue #3

This next place is in a zone of all doom and gloom,

Where infested wildlife take over the blooms.

The Scourge in the East is where it’s at,

Where we said our marriage vows, and Mum wore a big hat.


Our wedding was really quite traditional,

With a dress, the vows and of course, a chapel.

Only small, of course, but full of light,

We had a cracking day, a real delight.


So there’s the third of our clues,

We hope it was clear enough for you!