WoW Screenshot A Day – Days 28-31

Day 28 – Corridor

Mr B chose this, as it’s his favourite one leading down to Blackwing Lair


Day 29 – Lucky

Here I am, fishing in Dalaran fountain for the ‘lucky’ gold coins. I say ‘lucky’ as the damn achievement still took me months!

Aviary Photo_130222582229825948

Day 30 – Cluttered

*whispers* I think I have a problem….


Day 31 – Dangerous

Didn’t your Mama ever tell you that playing with fire is dangerous?!


I’ve really enjoyed doing this challenge! It’s been difficult to make sure I’m organised enough to submit one on a certain day, but it’s made me look at WoW in a totally new way. I really encourage you to try it… or make up your own! A big thanks to @tycertank for putting the whole thing together 🙂

Wow Screenshot A Day, Days 18-27

Day 18 (someone you spoke to today)

This is Fhwoor, found in Zangarmarsh. The poor guy stinks and he knows it… sniffing his armpits periodically. Still, everyone needs a pal, right?


Day 19 (lost)

Shipwrecked and lost. SOS!


Day 20 (stairs)

Aviary Photo_130214737707050326

Day 21 (slow)

Shen-zin Su (the wandering isle) swimming so slowly you don’t even notice!


Day 22 (a room)

“A room” with a view – hanging with Kar and Co in the Up house 🙂

WoWScrnShot_082213_170216Day 23 (yellow)

The sunstone panther that I grinded so hard for! Read more here.

Aviary Photo_130217476586302795

Day 24 (in the background)

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with… A NAKED DWARF PHOTOBOMBING MY BEAUTIFUL PICTURE


Day 25 (culture)

Here is a mural in Jade Forest, near The Emperor’s Omen, which only appears after you’ve done the quest line. It depicts the story of peace and war and is actually pretty beautiful to see.


Day 26 (entrance)

Ok, with a pinch of salt, here is the gateway (i.e., entrance) to new and exciting worlds for heroic adventurers!


Day 27 (10mins from home)

I struggled with this for ages, not being able to decide which angle to take. Eventually I decided that to go “home” on my main, my Gnome Mage, was to go back to Gnomeregan where it all began. I flapped around, 10minutes this way and 10minutes that, chatting with the Gnome workers, before I realised that actually, I was doing it all wrong. I LIVE at the Shrine, or at Stormwind, and this snowy nothing place, is a world away from my Warcraft home. Yes, you can get there in 10minutes with portals and 310% flying, but it is a lifetime away from my little Gnome.

So, for that reason, Gnomeregan is my entry for this topic.


WoW Screenshot A Day, Days 1-5

This is a lovely challenge, (similar to the other blog challenges like 20 Days of WoW) which has been running courtesy of @tycertank on Twitter. With YouTube videos and LOADS of people taking part, it’s going to be awesome seeing what everyone comes up with! I thought it’d be nice to catalogue all of our own entries here every few days, so these are days 1-5: I missed the first couple of days due to our hols though 🙂

Check out Tycer’s own blog (here) for rules and hints and definitely, if you’re not already, take part. It’s fun!


As I said, we missed Days 1 and 2, so:

Day 3 (skyline) – Howling Fjord


Day 4 (Fresh) – White Snow


Day 5 (Early) – Ragnaros, the first raid boss

We did this raid with a group of lovely people from Twitter a few weeks ago, so it’s especially poignant!


That’s all for now, I’ll update on Day 10 with the next 5 screenies!