Galleon… A Guest Post

Another day in the life of Chassombre, a noob level 86 hunter, who has nothing better to do than spawn camp Salysis’s Warband (aka Galleon): the rare Mushan which spawns every 2-3 hours. We had about 200 players spawn camping him…we got incredibly bored, so we decided to see how many mammoths we could find in one go!
galleon 1
Galleon has 320 million health, so it requires at least 30 good geared players to kill him. He has 4 abilities:
  1. Fire Shot: where Saurok Skirmishers shoot Fire Flaming Crossbow bolts at random players, inflicting a mere 30k damage,
  2. Stomp: which hits quite a bit harder. Galleon stomps the ground, inflicting a huge 250k damage to every player within 100 yards and stuns them for 3 seconds.
  3. Cannon Barrage: Chief Salysis (Galleons Rider) orders his minions to fire off 8 powerful cannon blasts, inflicting 600k fire damage to all enemies within 10 yards and knocks them back.
  4. Salyin Warmonger: Chief Salysis’s warmongers jump down onto the ground to engage players and don’t do much damage at all – they only have one ability, and that is called Impaling Pull, all that does is they pull a target towards them and inflicts 30k damage to them.

g 2

Once galleon is down, a few lucky players will receive a epic 496 Item Level item, one or two may even be lucky enough to receive the mount, Son of Galleon, which is a very rare drop. but if you’re like me, you will only get a Marauder’s Gleaming Sack of Gold, which contains 27 gold, 50 silver. Even if you get gold, do not give up! eventually you will get an item! I went 17 weeks straight without an item, now I have got 3 in the past month!
g 3
The elusive mount
This has been my guide to PWNing Galleon!
Thanks for reading 🙂
Chassombre/Hapie – Silvermoon Alliance!

I like ToES…

It’s not often I blog about raiding with the guild, probably because we do it three times a week and it’d take too long, but this time I’m making an exception.

The guild I’m in is called Sinners (dreadfully manly, I know), and we have a lovely set of guys who love to look after me. Who am I kidding, they all take the mickey out of my Midlands accent!!! We have only recently started raiding properly, but almost always have to PUG someone as we are only casual and really, we just want to have a bit of fun. (I say ‘we’ as a royal we here!). As a result of this, it often takes a few attempts at clearing a boss due to the poor PUGs getting used to our way of working so progress is slow and steady.

However, this last week our progression has been, frankly, exceptional (Syntar maintains that he carried us through by repeatedly ‘facebutting’ the boss whilst we watched…). Until last week, we had 6/6 on MSV and 1 boss down in HoF and ToES. However, this last week we finally managed to get Wind Lord down, making it 3/6 in HoF, and… we completed ToES! /happydance

I know Lei Shi is a nightmare (harder than Sha I thought), but that was the encounter I enjoyed most in ToES.

I promised Warcool I’d but some screenshots up, so this is for you pal ❤


Munching before the Sha…


And he’s dowwwwwn!


Fearless at last ^^

We finished with a wonderful success against the first boss in ToT, Jinroch. Needless-to-say, we all started the week with rather large egos.

Next step, the Empress. All advice welcome!

Last nights Guild fun

Mr B here! Last night we decided to have some fun as a guild and went to ICC to complete as many 10 man achievements as we could. After blowing through all the bosses gathering the achievements easily (we are 90’s so we did cheat i suppose), we came to The Lich King Arthas and proceded to try the achievement .

After a few unsuccessful attempts using the tactics others had posted, we realised the reason we were failing is because Mrs B’s shammy couldn’t dispell the necrotic plague diseases… duh. So, we improvised and came up with our own tactics. These were:

  • I stood on the boss with the adds.
  • The rest of the group stood in the middle stacked up.
  • When somebody got necrotic plague they would run out of the group so it wouldn’t spread.
  • After i had about 20 adds on me we had the next person with necrotic plague come to me so it would spread to the mobs and everytime it ran out or the mob died it would carry on spreading adding a stack each time..
  • Then we just kept me healed while waiting for the necrotic plague to stack up to 30 while anybody who got necrotic plague ran out of the group again.
  • After it got to 30 we killed the mobs and then dps’ed the boss as normal.

We eventually managed to stack necrotic plague to 30 stacks (as per the achievement) only for it to jump to me and hit me for 2,000,000 damage. Ouch. This happened again when it jumped to me instead of the dps group stacking a way away. This time we did manage to push the King in to phase 2 before we wiped.

We were just about to give up for the night when we actually managed to do it – not without a few hiccups though. Necrotic plague didnt jump to me just once this time, but three times. The first two times I managed to mitagate the damage (was quick to shout out to Mrs B so she could spam heal). The time none of my cooldowns were up and it hit me for 2million and i promptly died. Luckily the other deathknight combat ressed me and I managed to pick up the Lich King before he wiped out the raid. We then managed to push it to phase 3 only for Mrs B to be carried and dropped off the edge by a mob.

So with no healer, me, a hunter and a mage managed to dps him down quickly enough   that we managed to miss a whole phase and score the kill – triggering loads of achievement spam in guild chat. In the end, after 3hours and lots of fun, we managed to walk away with our new Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher mount for me and Mrs B (pic below).

We do want to go back and do it on heroic next week to finish it off for those of the group who joined later so they can have thier mounts. Bring it on…!


Black Temple

Mrs B: BT last night with some guildies. Allusion is a very small guild of regular players. We have been really lucky to get some very loyal people who are active and want to join in events. We like to run the old content for a variety of reasons: namely reminiscing, transmog and gear for twinks. Shameless pug though – we still need raid members (1 tank, 1 healer and 3 or so dps) for casual raid progression!

We took the opportunity to punch Illidan in the face last night, 4 of us altogether. It was rather satisfying! I managed to get a couple of pieces for my hunter transmog set and we had a nice team bonding moment.

I’m still not sure I like BT as a raid, I much prefer the mechanics of the WoTLK raids. More of that later!

Allusion BT

Lorith, 90 mage; Pichouette (me), 90 hunter; Reezy, 70 warrior twink; Faerius, 90 hunter.

Appologies for the lack of a clear picture!