Duskcoat and Pogeyan

These two great cats are a must have for your cat collection.


This guy is awesome!!! LOOK how massive he is pre-tame (the cat in the bottom right hand corner is normal size):

Aviary Photo_130190008261497093He’s easy to find in Northern Stranglethorn, and doesn’t patrol too far from his spawn site. He’s also easy to spot on the mini map – he’s the only yellow dot amongst a LOT of red ones. It’s just a shame he shrinks so much when tamed…

If you’re levelling here and want to tame, do be careful of the camp of Gnoll-type creatures that is just behind you. There could be a nasty accident if you ventured in there by accident!


This guy looks amazing in his back drop of his native home, Felwood:

Aviary Photo_130190010632136928I think the glowing eyes really make him look menacing! His spawn site is easy to find and he doesn’t wonder around too much. I just sat on the ground in front of these two trees and waited:

Aviary Photo_130190010364748663Both of these guys are a standard tame (use an ice trap if you’re at-level), and both look amazing. An excellent addition to your collection.

Happy Taming!


This post is all about a hunter pet that you can no longer tame – sorry folks!

Here he is, a slime, with the matching pet (the Viscidius Globule).

paulslimeAn IRL friend (yes, they do exist!) has had this pet for years and kept it safe as it’s no longer available and agreed to share it with us.

The Story

Back in WoTLK, right at the beginning of the expansion, there was a bug that enabled these awesome creatures to be tamed. Unfortunately, it was discovered, but luckily, those who had tamed one were able to keep it. Interestingly, if you beast lore it, it still shows up as a Crocodile.

The long and short, is that Apophis on Veknilash has one of, if not the, rarest hunter pet in the game and we should all admire it… even if we are all insanely jealous!


This is the beast, and he is certainly impressive!

Aviary Photo_130134601030267923

Key Points

  • Found in Kasarang Wilds (map) – once again, full credit to this lady as her site is a bountiful source of information on all the tames, in a lot of detail.
  • Patrols in and out of the water – the tracks are easy to see on the sand but you can miss them in the water
  • You must be level 87 to tame
  • Has quite a long route along the shoreline, in and out of hostile areas – so be careful

Taming Strategy

  • As always, you’re looking for his ‘muddy tracks’ – check the water carefully. Follow them until they stop and throw a flare ahead of where you think the next one will appear. It takes some practice to predict on his windy route.

Aviary Photo_130134600524197025

  • I’ve heard that if you’re inside the flare when he shows, he aggros, so make sure you throw it ahead of you. I personally haven’t confirmed this yet though.
  • Once he shows, pop a hunters mark on him immediately, to stop him stealthing out of sight and make him invisible to other hunters. He looks quite menacing here, doesn’t he?!
  • Aviary Photo_130134600803128456Hit tame when you’re ready, he’s so chilled he’ll keep pootling along as you’re taming, no fancy tricks needed.

Special Abilities

He has ‘Shell Shield’ in tank spec, which is quite a nice reduction of damage ability – it is standard for turtles though.

I must admit, I prefer the look of Terropene, but he’s a nice addition if you like these monsters 🙂

Happy Taming!


This Quilen really interested me as he can spawn in 4 different colours: blue, red, green and purple.

Aviary Photo_130139865273385754

Key Points

  • Found all over the region of Vale of Eternal Blossoms – he has a wonderfully difficult path to follow, made worse by the recent changes to the area.
  • You must be level 90 to tame and in BM spec
  • He does not aggro, but, like all MoP trackables, he stealths so can not be picked up using NPC scan
  • Spawns in different colours!!!

Taming Strategy

  • I followed him using this map – I started at the far East and worked my way West, as I was at the Shrine at the time.
  • His tracks have got to be one of the easiest to follow – they are dark brown ‘dusty tracks’ which are generally following a meandering route on light brown leafy ground. You can see them – at points – stretching far ahead of you, which makes a change!
  • Aviary Photo_130139868889539572As always, when you reach the end of the trail, fire your flare in front of where you think he is. When he appears, stick a hunters mark on him to stop him going into stealth. This also makes him invisible to other hunters.
  • The tame is easy when you’re ready. He also doesn’t aggro, so you don’t need deterrence etc. It is interesting to note here, that he moves very quickly compared to the other trackables (especially Stompy and Petrannache), so make sure you’re not too far away when you try to tame or he could wander out of range.

Special Abilities

This pet is especially brilliant to have as he has a Combat Res. – ‘Eternal Guardian’. I think most raid teams / LFR groups would be glad to have this!

I love the blue version I tamed this time, but I think I may have to go after the others too… gotta catch ’em all!

Happy Taming!

Pretty in Pink

Say hello to AcronissAviary Photo_130133946853926001I only came across him by chance, after oggling him in LFR – I admit, the pink appealed to my girly nature. Waaaaay too girly for me! Luckily, I only had to wait an hour or so. I set myself in place, went into LFR and when I zoned back, he was there waiting for me.

Key Points

  • Found in Silithus (more info below)
  • The only tameable pink serpent wyrm thing in-game. I love the uniqueness of this pet!
  • Excellent choice for low level hunters wanting a really good looking pet – can be tamed from level 55
  • Has 7k health and spawns surrounded by mobs

Taming Strategy

  • For a level 90, just hit tame, it’s easy
  • At level, make sure you clear the mobs around the spawn point (see below) as there are at least 3 that could spell disaster if you’re up against this guy alone. Standard deterrence-tame applies here for you guys.

Finding Acroniss

  • Located in the top northeast corner of Silithus, Staghelm Point to be precise. He is in the back of this cave. You know how much I hate caves, but luckily, this one is easily navigable:


  • Follow the cave to the back and there’s a small circle next to a chap called Vyral the Vile. He spawns literally in the middle of that circle.

WoWScrnShot_051913_003546shot just after the tame

I think the colour is the main draw for me here, but the thing I love most is how he moves. Stationary, he floats and curls in the air, but when you run, he spreads out next to you and looks really cool…

Aviary Photo_130133953972375941

…Happy Taming!

A Ghostly Cat

I love this hunter pet!

WoWScrnShot_042913_174435Key Points

  • You need to be at least level 19/20 to tame this pet (I’d go at 20, just to be safe)
  • Spawns in Darkshore – exact map with points here
  • Very similar in looks to a Spirit Beast, especially in prowl – which makes him so attractive, but does not have spirit beast abilities

Taming Strategy

  • If you’re taming this at level, clear the mobs around the spawn points first, to save you hassle later
  • You’re looking for cat figurines around the ruins – they’re quite small, they don’t sparkle and usually on the floor by a mob. Once you locate it, click it to destroy it.


  • Each figurine has a chance to spawn the Ghost Saber nearby – it has taken me 5 minutes by destroying 3 or 4, up to an hour destroying more than 30.
  • Standard cat tame – pop deterrence or frost trap and hit tame

Overall, this is a really easy pet which looks great and – even better – is available low-level. It has standard ‘Cat’ abilities, so nothing special there, but it’s quite unusual and different from the usual wolf or bear. I know it’s a trek to get to Darkshore, but he’s worth every minute. I still don’t have any Spirit Beast cats, so I use Ghost Saber a lot!

Happy Taming!


Aviary Photo_130141493126874658

I adore this tiger, he has unique blue eyes and a really lovely coat. GO GET HIM NOW!

Key Points

  • Found in Jade Forest
  • You must be level 85 to tame – so this is a good option if you’re new into the MoP content
  • He does not aggro, but, like all MoP trackables, he stealths so can not be picked up using NPC scan

Taming Strategy

  • I followed this map along his route – it’s long and windy, meandering through lots of damn hostile mobs… I’d stay on a flying mount (if you can!). The lady who runs this site is amazing, full credit to her for this map – please support the hard work she does!
  • As with most trackable pets for MoP, you’re looking for his ‘bloody tracks’ and then following them in the direction they’re facing. They will disappear after a few minutes from the back of his route as new ones are made at the front

Aviary Photo_130141495783946662

  • As always, when you reach the end of the trail, fire your flare in front of where you think he is. When he appears, stick a hunters mark on him to stop him going into stealth. This also makes him invisible to other hunters.
  • The tame is easy when you’re ready. He also doesn’t aggro, so you don’t need deterrence etc.

As a hunter pet, he really isn’t anything special… he has Prowl like all cats, but nothing that rocks my world. However, as a cat, he looks amazing (see the pic below where he’s prowling around Jade Forest!!) and I use him when I’m casually skinning or doing dailies out in the world.

Aviary Photo_130141499309544914

Happy Taming!