Geeking Out

So after the very exciting announcement yesterday, we’ve had a few hours to ponder over the news. As I’m sure everyone else is doing, dissecting the little bits of information we have (honestly, we haven’t received that much ‘new’ news) and picking apart our favourite bits.


13th November 2014. Will you be there??

How good was that cinematic (click here for the link)?? If the movie is anything to go by, it’ll be amazing. Shame about the lag on the stream, but we’ll live. We also enjoyed the short animated movie-thing… excellent introduction to lore and gives some brilliant info behind the expansion.

There are lots of awesome things to look forward to, many of which we already knew: Garrisons, new models (those Gnome eyes!), lots of lovely new scenery – how beautiful does Shadowmoon look?? – plus lots more. The quality of life changes such as the transmog collections, stats, item squish, toybox are all very promising, as are the new dungeons which look pretty epic! Finally…. ASHRAN BABY! As a non-PvP-er, it sounds pretty fun as an experience at least. I’m not going to list anymore, as I’m sure nearly all of you are fully aware of the new stuff and would /yawn.

However, certain aspects do make us feel a tiny bit meh – “orcs orcs everywhere and not an Alliance in sight” for one. Lots of tusks, ick. I think people taking the “Horde are the favourites” standpoint do have half a leg to stand on – although we don’t particularly share the same view, we understand where they’re coming from. I’m also not too happy being stuck near Ashran on a base – I’d rather be out the way somewhere (doesn’t matter where!). It feels like I’m being forcibly encouraged towards the content which is… not nice. However, Mr B can’t wait so what can I say??

The Anniversary event looks AMAAAYZING.

wow anniv

I can’t wait to experience Molton Core 40man! I don’t care it’s as an LFR, makes it accessible for people like us which as a one-off can’t be bad. Mount and pets and 100man PvP. Awesome. All this amazing-ness makes me question why they are banging Blizzcon, WoD release AND Anniversary into the same time frame. For people who can’t take time of work for the release, or those of us who have other commitments…. eesh, not easy to experience all the awesome.

It was announced on MMOC today that we will get ‘plenty of time’ to get to 100 for the Anniversary. This is excellent. However, with the amount Blizzard change their tune, I’m going to hold off getting too excited until I see numbers. 

I did have a discussion on Twitter about why people are cross about not having content for so long. At the risk of repeating myself, I’d really prefer they release a quality product that I have to wait for. We took a 4 month break which was more than enough to refresh us ready for release. We may take another one in September until 6.0 comes out, but folks… if you’re bored go do something else and don’t moan at me. I won’t sympathise ^^

Let us know what you’re excited about. Or not. Whatever :p 

When “in-game” becomes “in real-life”.

We have talked a fair bit about how important gaming with friends is to us. You can read the start of the series here.

These two friends are a couple whose anniversary happens to be a week later than our own, they’re a similar age and we have known them since the middle of Cataclysm. For those who don’t use expansions as time indicators: around 2 1/2 years. We like anonymity here, so I’ll call them by their WoW names; Thondar and Kiwii.

In all the time we had known each other, we had never been able to meet “IRL” because they live in Denmark and we live in the UK. Typical, eh? We had spent hours and hours on skype and in game chatting so we thought it was time to finally meet. When the opportunity to have a short summer break presented itself, we went for it.

We had a FANTASTIC time.



We always joke with the Danes about how we don’t feel part of the EU, so this was their welcome sign coming into Denmark. I don’t know how Hello Kitty started, but the two blokes always joke about their “love” for it.

It was a little daunting, turning up in a foreign country whose language doesn’t even closely resemble the one you know, to meet people you’ve never ‘properly’ met. However, the worry was unfounded, as it was like we had always known each other.

We have heard many times, especially from people outside the gaming community, comments along the lines of: “how can you possibly form relationships in a GAME?” or “they aren’t real friendships”. When you spend so much time with these people, you can’t help but get to know them. As I’m sure you have experienced, the friendships are very real, and we wouldn’t be without them.

We can only urge you to take the opportunity to meet your online friends (safely) if you have the opportunity. These people have shared experiences that you don’t always find in the ‘real’ world.

Finally… to Thondar and Kiwii – we love you guys! 🙂


Feeling Nostalgic

Since our return to Warcraft, we have been enjoying revisiting places which make us happy – for me, Nagrand and the older dungeons, for Mr B, the Horde and its various races. Here are a few of our favourite screenshots this week.




Sethekk Halls

y (1)

Riding Brutusk, Ashenvale

y (2)

A Gnomes-eye-view of a Wyvern flying overhead.

z (16)

A birds-eye-view of one of the Tempest Keep dungeons (Arcatraz if I remember correctly!)

We are off on holiday tomorrow for a few days, so we look forward to seeing you all next week. TTFN! 🙂

To Follow, To Tweet or To Observe. YOU DECIDE.

The beauty of Twitter is that we can use it however we want: tweet lots or not at all; follow many or none; interact with others or remain a silent watcher. We get asked A LOT about why we decide to follow so many people, so we thought instead of trying to fit the explanation into 140 characters, we would write a short post explaining why.



Followers…. numbers…. statistics…. get it? :p

We joined Twitter for ONE reason – to interact with the Warcraft and wider gaming community.This is something we can’t do in our personal lives, as we don’t have the type of family that supports spending money/long hours on games and being indoors (there’s a whoooole other post there!). There are very few people we know personally who we can share our ‘gaming life’ with and most don’t game themselves, so reaching out and being part of the community is really important to us.

It started off as a way to be ‘real’ people behind our modest little blog. To see other’s blogs and share what we were up to. We followed all of the big Blizzard reps and other larger names in the community as a way to feed our obsession with news and Warcraft chat. Soon, we followed more people who actually interacted with us back (!!) and we were thrilled at making all these new friends.

In our own opinion, Twitter is a two way street – you want ‘ordinary’ (you know what I mean!) people to care about you and what you have to say? You pay them the same respect. We LOVE to hear what our followers are up to, and we hope they feel the same about us. It’s not about numbers. We don’t care if there are 2,000 people’s tweets to read – we (most of the time) want to know what everyone is doing and how they’re feeling. How can we expect people to listen to what we have to say if we can’t pay them the same courtesy?



That’s us, the little slow one at the back 😀

Obviously, not every one of our followers feel the same. We get many people who follow just to get a follow back, then unfollow us – I’ve been advised that the more people who follow you/the less you follow is a popularity thing. We also have people follow us thinking we are an RP account and are sorely disappointed when they don’t find two gnomes talking about… snow/engineering/life being short and stuff. We also have our own rules: we won’t follow anyone who swears obsessively or who post a lot of porn or who are continuously negative. We also like to follow mostly gaming accounts, as this is a lot of what our online personas are all about, We may miss some Tweets, especially at night, but we manage to read about 80% and we don’t want to read stuff like that.

We know people don’t like reading through lots of Tweets and we know people might like to post many pictures of naked Animé characters – each to their own. We strongly feel that unless there’s a good reason not to, we should… and we WILL…. follow thus, interact with as many people as we can.

I could go on and on about Twitter cliques (take you back to school, anyone?), trolls and politics, but it’s not even 9am and I need my breakfast. But I hope this rather convoluted post gives you an insight behind our reasoning for following so many.

Finally… if there’s something you really want us to see, please tag us or DM us. We do miss things when life gets in the way of our online presence but we DO want to be a small part of your Twitter world!

The Triumphant Return!

So, we did it, we re-subscribed to Warcraft. We were both missing it and it seemed like a good time now I am on holiday for the summer.

It’s funny though, as soon as I logged in, I went afk for a bit, chatted for a bit, then flew around aimlessly for a bit. It was only after a couple of days after re-subbing that I decided I needed some goals. So, I picked up right where I left off – working for my 60 reps, grinding for the few mounts I need and working on any achievements that take my fancy. Mr B is busy working on more alts, and gearing more alts for pvp. Each to their own I suppose………………….

Things feel different this time though. Perhaps we have wised up a bit and got a better attitude, or perhaps it was a clean break which made us appreciate the game. Probably a mixture of the two, but this is definitely a question of balance. For us and our lifestyle, playing multiple hours a day and prioritising dailies/gear/guild over ‘real life’, and dare I say… each other?… wasn’t healthy. This time around, logging in for an hour, doing something fun and logging out to enjoy the rest of our day away from a screen feels much better.

Anyway, I have a post lined up in the next couple of days about what we’ve been upto in more detail, so ciao for now!

Weekend News

It’s coming to the end of the school term so I am madly busy and Mr B has been unwell. Between us, we only turned the computer on for the first time all week on Thursday for an hour (very unlike us!), which means we don’t have much to write about this week at all.

What we can tell you though, is that we are trying out a new mod pack for Minecraft called Hexxit which we have been playing in Survival with two friends. I was going to do a short review, but as I sat down, the server crashed and we’ve been unable to get it going again. I’ll write one up in the next couple of weeks instead.

So far so good, though. Loads of items and new mobs to play with. We especially like the giraffes and elephants! It’s apparently aimed at adventure, and there are certainly many dungeons and caves with lots of cool loot. I know the boys have been enjoying those, whereas us girls have been building and primping more than anything else.

In other news, I’ve been knitting lots of things in the evenings where I would usually play WoW. I’ll put some photos up at the bottom (if you know of a good Warcraft pattern, hit me up!). We are both missing Warcraft, but every time we think about resubbing, we wonder exactly what we would do and always come to the same conclusion: nothing. Come 6.0, we will be there with bells on!


George, he’s tiny, but very cute!

bunny blanket prac

A little baby comforter. This was a practice for a gift I’m going to make 🙂