The Last Week(s) In Pictures….

The Last Week(s) In Pictures….

Start off with this! Been going and grinding bones in ten minutes downtime since I resubbed. I didn’t do it at-level (I got about 6k) because I hate competing for mobs, so I went back the other night. It took a couple of hours to get the rest at a quiet period.

Other fun news: Oondasta is now on a 15min spawn timer if you want the mount…

Small but significant victory against the AP grind. I’ve given up now though, too many 0’s!


And on we go….


I have been working so hard for this one!


Found this gorgeous little house on my travels in Val’sharah. Reminds me of the fairy houses my daughter loves so much.


Showing off my cool fidget spinner


This was the reward from the mini holiday in Thousand Needles not so long ago. I thought I’d include it as firstly, it’s fab and secondly, it was super fun.

Well, these following ones are self-explanatory. So beautiful.


Radio Silence


Just dropping in to apologise in advance for few updates in the next couple of weeks. Our IRL stuff is so busy with weddings and work and kids that we haven’t had much time to play.

I have, however, scheduled lots of our Community Project posts which are  absolutely brilliant to read, learning about the people in our lovely community so do keep an eye out for those.

See you next week,

Mr and Mrs B ❤

A little shout out

A little shout out

After our moan the other day about people and the warcraft community I think it’s only fair that I give a shout out to all the awesome people who have helped me out the past few days (weeks!). 

Thanks Chromeeh for all your advice and taxi services. I’m glad our last grouping was beneficial with that fab legendary!

Thanks to Rellic who boosts me through more content than I could say… I would have been dead much more frequently if it wasn’t for you!!!

Thanks also to my new pal Alunaria who is so friendly and always cheerful and willing to help. You should follow her blog and twitter by the way!

Finally, to all the people on twitter who tirelessly answer my nooby questions and help me on my journey to become less of a nooby mage: SivationNeondwarfCrow and Marathal. I’ve missed so many off I know, but honestly we really appreciate it! 

Spread the love, friends. Oh and tomorrow is the first installment of the the Community Project! Exciting!!!

Now I’ve done my acceptance speech I shall receive applause and leave.


Spread the love

Spread the love

We try to be positive on these blog posts. We love the game and we love the twitter community and the friends we have made there.

However, I’ve really been struggling with the toxicity of the general community in-game. Time after time, day after day, I find myself fighting against various people and their bubble mentality.

No one ever HELPS anyone any more. Look how hard it was to find a guild that has an active chat and did things together. Trade chat is full of spam and idiots being stupid. People only group so they get the quest done.

What also makes me laugh is when you’re questing in an area collecting XYZ and someone next to you is doing exactly the same thing. Last week I was collecting bear steaks for a quest with another Mage… We worked together killing and looting then without another word, the other mage hearthed and left. I always invite to group, most decline. 

I also always say hi if I join a LFG… very few respond and even fewer say goodbye and the end. It always makes me /sigh a bit -you’ve been through a journey together and haven’t acknowledged the others who made it possible. Possibly akin to going on a team building exercise at work, completing it and leaving without ever saying hello to your colleagues. 

Baffles me. 

What also pees me off are YouTubers making huge amounts of money with huge followings… by BITCHING ABOUT THE GAME. Why play it if all you do is moan?!

All I’m seeing is overwhelming negativity on YouTube… moaning about every aspect of the game and I just can’t get my head around it. I also don’t get why people would want to watch it?! Just stop playing if it annoys you so much and stop cluttering my recommendations with your drivel. I just want to watch some PvP without a negative voice over.
It’s all so self centered. Doing your own stuff for your own gain and only joining if you have to, not because you want to. I get not everyone is social, but manners cost nothing. 

Maybe it’s because younger people are joining the game? Maybe it’s a product of modern society. Maybe people don’t want to play socially or with strangers. I love to meet and chat to new people.

Perhaps we are spoilt being surrounded by lovely btag friends and twitter people, but it does drag you down.

Me being a sad gnome… get it?! 

I’d love to do another community project (we did one in 2014), maybe it’ll make us feel better… any ideas let me know.

In the meantime – be nice, spread happiness and be awesome ❤


@chromeeh_gnome came to my rescue yet again last night by helping me finish my Mage Quests. I capitalise that as a proper noun, because I don’t actually know what they’re caller,  but they’re just for Mages and they’re quests. So… Boom.

Anyway,  off we went to Suramar where *shock horror* with Chromeeh’s help I DIDN’T DIE. I also got a tour of the place so I know where to avoid.

We also went to the zoo. That was awesome.


As for me? I don’t know what to play. Help.

To PvP… or not to PvP

So the plan was for me to write a super exciting blog series about leveling using PvP from scratch. I asked twitter what to level (undead Rogue won by a small margin) and off I went.

I love PvP and one of the greatest let downs in WoD was how stupid the queuing system was in Ashran. It really put me off for a while, so I was excited to start again this expansion.

I got to level 10 and queued for my first BG. TWENTY MINUTES later I got my first one. This continued all the way to level 15 where I gave up. I don’t know if it’s the time of day I play, the norm these days or what. I can’t waste twenty minutes waiting for the queue to pop I don’t have that time anymore. #dadlife

So that idea is a bust, sorry folks. I may try levelling a DK and seeing if queue times are better in the higher levels, but for now, back to levelling the Shaman.