Day 9 of resub, level 105 (yay!)

So this evening started with a domestic, as all excellent evenings do.

Him: “I’m going to bed now, do you need anything before I go?”

Me: “nope, night!”

Ten mins later… (I’m too lazy to go upstairs by the way)

Him: admits defeat, stomping into the study… “you’re like a noob again, it’s like you’ve never even played the game before! *click click click*

Wait, why have you got 8 unspent artifact traits? *click click click*

Why haven’t you done this class order quest for your followers?! Where’s your forge?”

Me: “Wut?”

Him: “Goddamnit, the game has shown this all to you!!!”


Anyway, in the end he sorts me out with strict instructions to do stuff he has given me and trundles off to bed. I spend the rest of my time killing stuff for the extra followers and then… THEN I visited the murlocs! Me and my pal, Murky, had a great time. 

He’s just been levelling by the way. He’s boring. He’s 104 now, razzing through content on the Shaman.

I’m going to shush now because I still have a blog challenge to write and it’s getting late. 

Out of the Slump

Day 8 of resub, level 104… still.

I was really struggling when I logged in to find the motivation to finish the Totem quests. It wasn’t until Mr B pointed out I only had 2 chapters left, that I perked up and my MUST-COMPLETE-ACHIEVEMENTS brain kicked in and gave me the motivation to finish. I did quite enjoy shooting the Bolas things off Thunder Totem pewpewing the weird harpy things out the sky. Are they Harpies? Looked like them anyway.

I was a bit dubious about going to the next part of the zone to be honest. I don’t want to follow Tauren backside through caves looking at visions and doing escort quests, so imagine my delight when I get taken to…










…Hemet Nesingwary quests!

I LOVE the Nesingwary quest lines. I know people find them really dull – kill a hundred boar. Kill another hundred deer. Oh, whilst you’re there, kill a million bears too. BUT I love that it’s always in a pretty place and I love there’s always a big group of quests you accept all at once so you go away, get them done, then hand in together for a massive chunk of xp. Nice.

Whilst I was doing this, I needed a super powerful friend to help me kill the super powerful scary panther type dude so I asked my good gnome @chromee_gnome to help. Bless him, he rescues me so often. We also take lots of rides on his rocket (don’t be dirty!)

I hope he doesn’t mind that I took his picture ^^


I forgot to ask what Mr B did before he went to bed. I imagine more levelling. He’s predictable like that.

In other news, I must get onto ZandCinder’s blog challenge this week. It’s proving to be difficult to decide what to write about!

Bored-y McBoredface

Resub day 7, level 104 (just!)

More levelling and not much else. I’m feeling a bit meh about it all today… I only get an hour or two and today I felt like all I did was be messed about by the stupid Tauren wanting to show me visions and escort their elderly and rescue their damn goats.

I spent an hour running back and forwards getting more and more fed up. I logged in a strop in the end, ha.

Mr B: I’ve been busy! I’m a man of few words so here’s my bullet point list for maximum efficiency and minimal effort:


  • Got to 98

  • Got my elemental artifact

  • Went back to Draenor and levelled to 100

  • Started Aszuna and kept getting my ass kicked. Died something like 8 times in half hour on the same quest.

  • Kept having to heal myself up from nearly dead after every fight… fun

  • Bought the Enhancement maces (740 ilvl greens) and respecced ready for pewpew tomorrow.

I hope this makes it a bit easier to level. Will update tomorrow when I’ve road tested the maces!


Hit me with your… Thunder Totem (?!!)

Day 6 of resub (I think) level 103

The baby slept sooooo badly last night, and it was my first day back at work too, so I only logged for an hour or so as I can barely see. So on the surface, not much was done.

Actually, I’m making excuses, but I feel this is probably due more to the fact that I kept getting distracted by the ridiculously lovely skies in Highmountain and I kept taking screenshots… (I managed to figure out how to hide the UI, go me!). Looooook:


I also really enjoyed looking at the Tauren baddie hide-outs… I think I liked all the pretty dangly decorations (ooh look, sparkly!). Here:

WoWScrnShot_042417_204436.jpgI’d quite like to live here – whitewater wash. Pretty river, pretty scenery, city nearby. Shame about all the things trying to kill me really.

Anyway, I digress. My favourite quest today was throwing the carp back in the river. It seemed a bit fruitless to be honest, as the stupid things kept reappearing. I did my 8 and quoted Darwin to the others as I left. Silly fish.


That’s about it I’m afraid. I’m still looking for a guild – Ally EU Doomhammer if you know anyone. I did advertise myself like a used family car, but there weren’t any takers. I think I’m going to have to resort to a lucky dip and just apply for a few before I expire from in-game lonliness!

Mr B.

So yesterday, after dividing up the child-free PC time “fairly” (she always gets more than me!), I asked the wife to say I got to level 92 not 102. Can’t get the staff these days. So today, I can confirm I got my reroll Shaman to level NINETY SEVEN. I’m power levelling through Draenor by collecting treasures, can’t believe how quick it is actually. Not much else to report, level level level at the moment, content is fairly boring. Bring on the artifact questlines! I look so ridiculous in the questing gear, I’m not posting a picture! 🙂


Hello, Highmountain!

Resub Day 5, level 103

I finally got out of Azsuna today. I say that, it wasn’t that bad… I enjoyed the spectral dragons and the cool mana ponds and the pretty horses. I’m looking forward to exploring somewhere new, after all the withered decaying things, I hope it’ll be interesting!

I also handed a lot of breadcrumb quests in at Dalaran – profession starters mostly, and I finally ran into this guy:


I’ve heard some interesting things, so I’m looking forward to spending some time with him. I really enjoyed the Halfhill cooking and farming quests, I hope he doesn’t pi** me off now 😀

Mr B: altoholism strikes again and I’m now levelling the Shaman. I really wasn’t getting on with the Demon Hunter and Hunter was boring, so I’ve respecced enhancement and we’ll see how this goes. I wasn’t too impressed with doing the opening scenarios again, but I made pretty good progress into level 102 today. 

It’s a shame we can’t play together at the moment (only one PC!) as we are around the same level for a change. Usually I’m at max and he’s levelling another alt, so it’s a novelty. I suppose it does save us arguing!!


Still A-zoomaing. 

Ha. See what I did there? Be impressed, it’s 10pm!

Day 4 of resub. Level 103!

I was itching to get online tonight. I was at a bridal shower most of the day with people from work who have no idea I game… I had a total confidence crisis as they are all beautiful and fashionable and into things like makeup and cosmopolitan magazine. I actually had a really lovely time, but I don’t think I ever feel at home in those social situations, even if I outwardly appear calm and collected. Unfortunately, they’re part of my job and Mr B also hates it when he has to come along as it always feels a bit false. I’m sure this is a microcosm for people the world over, splitting their work/home life, or social/private life. It hit home a little that we would love to have more of a social life with gaming friends… our closest ones are miles away though. Thank goodness for our lovely in game friends and twitter family (you know who you are!). Still, was glad more than ever to have resubbed.

Anyway, I digress. The baby was super fussy tonight (does a 6month growth spurt exist?!) so I only got an hour online, where I pottered about doing a dungeon, killing lions – they were very pretty and seemed to have wings on. I meant to write their name down, the hunter would like to tame one I reckon! I also spent a moment looking at the beautiful horses (Equine Sunrunners?) and fishing. Just plodding along and doing any quest I find, a huge difference to my usual frantic levelling pace.

Here’s the cool dragon. Look how itty bitty I am! Excuse the UI, I haven’t figured out how to hide it yet… one step at a time!


Mr B. 

I made excellent headway on Pathfinder today. I only have one questing left to do before I start rep grinding. All helpful hints on a postcard please!

I’m having a bit of an issue finding the character I really want to play. I’m not sure I like Demon Hunter. I love Hunter, but hate how boring it is -3 button rotation? Yuck. Tried priest, meh. Almost tempted to level a mage because their Class Hall is just so cool.

 Serial Altoholism strikes again.

Ciao for now.

Ashuna. Azuna? Achoo?! 

Day 2 of resub

So today I mainly spent my time running between Dalaran and the first crazy zone which sounds like a weird sneeze – Azsuna.

The first thing that struck me, other than needing to remember that I’m squishy again, is the stupid dog things (Felpuppies I call them! – Mr B) being everywhere. Even if I’m doing an amazing stealth-like rogue avoidance thing, they still sniff me out. Stupid dogs.

The next thing I wanted to sort today was my professions. I always leave them til last and they become a grind, so this time I have learnt Legion professions and I’m fishing and disenchanting as I go. Sorted. It did take me about an hour to find all the people I needed, but time well spent. I have been reliably informed that grown up Nomi will appear too… fun.

I jest, I love those green bars being full on the profession page, even if I moan on the way!

Whilst navigating the many murlocs in the zone I also bumped into this little Chromeeh Gnome…

Gnomie taken by @Chromeeh_Gnome

After a catch up, we went off on an adventure on the back of his rocket (don’t be dirty!) to see if we could find rares. We didn’t,  but we did have a blast playing with his toys (stop it!!!) and he showed me the awesome little fishing pond off the side of Dalaran I need to use. This is what WoW is all about people – our awesome community!

Day 3

I’ve had such a good time today! I spent the first 40 mins running around Azure Watch (57 40) finding eggs for the Bunny – it’s a good spot as 6 eggs or so all spawn within a few yards. Yes, I am an egg camper. Judge me 😛 I got the 200 for the Bunny fairly easily, and although I’m quite desperate for the mount, there’s always next year. Right?!

So off I shimmered (stupid spell name!) to Dalaran where I spent a glorious time pottering about handing quests in, fishing in the little mana pond, finding dragons on top of buildings and doing my first Not-A-Garrison-But-Like-A-Garrison-Mission in my Class Hall. Admittedly, it took me about an hour just to navigate around (are they all like that, or just Mages?!), but once I got to the big glowy map I felt at home.

I then headed back into the world on my adventures, fully intending to finish the quest line I was on (murlocs?), but getting a bit distracted by the fabulous Nar’thalas Academy quest line which I stumbled upon. I’m sure you’ve all done it, but I had sure great time! Finding the parts of the costume – and wearing a wizard’s hat of course; killing flying books; pewpewing ugly Naga… awesome. I also loved the bit where you run around finding tomes for the guy in the library, practicing with your wand on training dummies (haven’t done that since level 5!) and recreating history in the books you fetch, complete with sepia effect. I haven’t had that much fun questing in a long time – probably since MoP actually. Loved every minute. So much so, I had to tear myself away.

I did log out just as I was about to hand the final quest in for a couple of reasons. Firstly that it was talking Artifact options – I need to research which reward to take as they both looked good and I’m sure there’s am optimum (answers on a postcard please!). Secondly as I stayed up far too late I could barely keep my eyes open… not a good combo when concentrating on the pewpew!

I am finding the Artifact stuff completely overwhelming and although Mr B is trying to explain it (“Think of it like a talent tree, woman!”), all the relics and things are confusing. I did read a lot about it, which didn’t help, so I’m adopting the attitude of It-Probably-Doesn’t-Really-Matter-This-Late-On-For-A-Casual-Anyway.

I have already written this post once, but the PC and phone app don’t talk to each other and got all confused, the poor sausages, so if you’ve seen a few versions I apologise. It’s all very me me me, as Mr B goes to bed at 7pm (he’s up at 2am!) and I didn’t get chance to catch him and ask him to add his bit. Apologies!

Finally, I couldn’t resist putting this photo in, as little Loulou just looks so funny. I have mogged this, it’s just questing gear… She’s not one for having her belly out at all (she barely shows her wrists!), but I think she ROCKS this look 😀

Excuses the phone photo, I haven’t figured out how to screenshot on the new pc. Tomorrow’s job!