Monday Moan #32

the-sha-of-anger-world-of-warcraft-screenshot-62309I was moaning on Twitter about this a LOT this week…

You know when you see that little achievement which you haven’t yet done and you think… “oh, easy, let’s do this!” then you realise it’s not as easy as first thought?

So, this week I noticed I still hadn’t got my Ring of the Kirin Tor for the achievement of the same name. I’d just got exalted (although you don’t need exalted, you get a discount at the vendor if you are), so I thought I’d go and check it out in Dalaran… I thought I’d be paying a couple of hundred gold.

Oh nooooooo.

6 THOUSAND gold later, I had my ring and a right bad attitude.

6,000g for a RING? For an ACHIEVEMENT? I’m obviously a mug.


Monday Moan #31


The thing that has blighted my playing time this week is fairly common place if, like us, you’re on a high pop server.

Queue times.

Most days, I can only get online after 6pm. I imagine this is like many other players… and unfortunately, it means that on our server, Silvermoon, queues regularly reach over 1000 people – especially on reset day and at the weekend.

So, 1000 people or more reliant on a person to log off, and stay logged off for 5minutes. This means, usually, a queue of up to an hour just to get on the server. Luckily, I have that time to wait when I get home, but what if your play time is limited and you can’t spend an hour of your precious time waiting in a queue? Or even worse, if you can’t get home earlier and it’s raid night? Your whole team has to wait for you to get online through no fault of your own.

Many of you reading this will think “why on earth don’t they just move servers?”. Well, cost for one. Principals for another. We don’t want to take the free transfer to a dead server offer they have going on, we like it being busy, but there’s busy and so busy it’s an hour wait. Meh.

Monday Moan #30

Yay, it’s that time of the week again!


Someone… please, for the love of all that is Warcraft, explain why the flight point to the Timeless Isle is so ridiculously far from the main cities in Pandaria? Knowing how many people would be going there, tell me why on earth it doesn’t have a direct flight point – or even one that passes via a useful town like Halfhill – but instead bypasses Pang’s Stead and Dawn’s Blossom. WHERE IS THE LOGIC????

Disclaimer: this is a rhetorical statement, I know there are trinkets that portal you there etc available for rep… I JUST THINK IT’S STUPID!

Monday Moan #29

the-sha-of-anger-world-of-warcraft-screenshot-62309This week I’m going to have a well deserved moan about these whispers that I received this weekend:

[AnnoyingPerson1] MAGE, SLOW FALL ME

[AnnoyingPerson1] ffs, just slow fall me

[AnnoyingPerson1] are u retarded? slow fall me

[Me] Lol /ignore


[AnnoyingPerson2] can I have slow fall

[AnnoyingPerson2] can I have slow fall

[Me] Perhaps you could ask politely and I might consider it

[AnnoyingPerson2] Louloutte, can you please slow fall me?

[Me] Yes ofc /cast slowfall


[NicePerson1] hi m8, could I have slow fall please?

[Me] with pleasure!

[NicePerson1] Thanks 🙂


Can you spot the slowfalling mage?

I don’t know how people in their right mind think that /yelling or /whispering me with insults or not asking politely will get them what they want. I usually queue for LFR whilst pottering around the Timeless Isle, so to invite people to a group just to slow fall them is not really ideal as it takes me out the group.

I also have an issue with people not saying please, or people insulting me if I don’t reply to their whisper straight away. How DARE they call me names just because they’ve demanded something?

Monday Moan #27


This week I’ve been in a grouchy mood all due to this guy:


If you haven’t met him already, this is Empoor and he is the elusive NPC you need to find to complete “By Any Means Necessary” – a quest in Terokkar Forest.

It has got to be the most ANNOYING quest ever. He only spawns along a certain point on a certain path and it’s so buggy that he rarely spawns immediately. Over the weekend, I spent so long looking for him,  3 pet battles and a cup of tea later, I eventually lost patience and went to another quest hub.

One word of advice: apparently walking instead of flying along the road helps him spawn. Didn’t make a difference for me, but then… I think he was a bit of a ‘fraidy cat.

Monday Moan #26


As a new player, one of the most confusing things ever is getting a piece of tier gear and having no  idea how to obtain it.

I have been playing WoW for a while now, but this STILL baffles me – especially LFR gear. I go to the vendor and I’m faced with lots of different options for one piece of gear. Let’s say you have a chest piece. You go to the vendor, select your spec, then you’re faced with 3 chest options (none of which have the same name as your tier piece!) from which you determine the specific thing you need. All of agility on, but different set bonuses. This is really confusing!!!

Aviary Photo_130225191335027891

Now I’ve been playing longer, I understand – mostly – what I’m looking for: raid finder, heroic and item levels. However, I can totally understand how easy it is to buy the wrong piece of gear and not realise. I think there should be a system in place, such as selecting where it dropped to help cut down the options, like on the dungeon loot information screen.

Did anyone else have these issues, or is it just my noobishness?

Monday Moan #25


This week I’m having a mild gripe about not having an auction house in the Shrine.… unless you’re a privileged Engineer of course.

I UNDERSTAND why they have done it, and I UNDERSTAND that there’s a portal which takes only a couple of minutes to use, AND I even understand that I could always have level 1 Engineer just for the AH use…

BUT if you’re like me and hang out in the Shrine most of the time and keep most of your mats in the bank, then not having an AH there makes it really faffy. And I’m totally allowed to moan about that. So ner.

See you next week.

Monday Moan #24

the-sha-of-anger-world-of-warcraft-screenshot-62309You know, one of the most annoying things e.v.e.r. happens to me almosy daily?


Not just NPCs, but post boxes, quest givers, things on the ground you need to click… the list is endless. Just to demonstrate my point, here I was today trying to buy the 522 chest for my Monk:



I would go so far as to say I wish they would globalise those auto-dismount mage-type bubbles they have around the quest givers on the Isle of Thunder. If only people used their brains and dismounted so everyone could access the NPC… I would have nothing to moan about.

Nothing to moan about… Imagine that!