How To Survive: Alterac Valley

I am NOT a PvP-er.

If you’re like me and don’t PvP, it’s a bit daunting going into a BG and having no idea what to do, where to go or what the objective is. This week it’s Alterac Valley, so I thought I would blog:

Alterac Valley for Alliance in 5 VERY simple steps

  1. Follow the group. Pack mentality works every time. There are 40 players in this BG and the majority will head straight for the end objective which is…
  2. Kill the boss. You start at the top, “Drek’Thar” the boss is at the bottom. With 103m health and 4 buffs, he’s quite a dude. By doing other stuff, these disappear making him much less menacing. In order to do this, you first need to…
  3. Capture the towers. After the initial mad rush out of the Ally base, breakout groups will go and ‘cap the towers’ en route to Drek. The main ones are Iceblood Tower, Tower Point and the Frostwolf Towers (by the boss). In order to do this, you kill the boss inside. Each tower is on a timer, giving the opposing faction time to defend and recapture. Once the timer is out, the buff on Drek wears off. Of course sometimes there might be nasty Horde lurking inside…
  4. Pewpew. Whether this is killing the Horde who may try to defend, or killing the mini bosses in the towers, or the NPCs who lurk around.
  5. Wait around. For Ally, this is *usually* a faceroll. I usually go and kill the mini boss in the Iceblood Tower, then wait at the boss, killing any hordes who might try to defend. EZ.

Visual Aid

My highly professional picture for you below.

You’re the blue. Horde towers and bosses are in red. Kill the red and any Horde you pass on the way.

Aviary Photo_130525946916012802

See, who said PvP was complicated?!

Fishing for a Ring.

Last weekend I heard that by winning the Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Extravaganza you not only get an achievement, but you can choose between some prizes (fishing rods, boots, vanity items etc), but one in particular caught my eye:

Aviary Photo_130363283676776328

This in itself was motivation enough for me to go and win it. An extra 5% xp for my alts? Yes please!!

All you have to do, if you’re not aware, is catch 40 Speckfled Tastyfish. Once you’ve done this, you must hand them into Mr Riggle Bassbait who is just outside the Inn in Booty Bay, on the dock. First 3 people to do this get the achievement and a prize. It also counts towards your Salty title, so what are you waiting for?!

Also worth noting that there are rare fish you can also catch which can yield rewards… +5 fishing items and Nat Pagle gear.

So off I trundled at 12.30pm for the 1pm start (that’s 2pm server for you Europeans!), set my hearthstone at Booty Bay then placed myself here:

Aviary Photo_130363287531107312

My tactic was simple: let everyone else panic about spawning points, but remain in the same area to reduce downtime between fishing. I assumed most would stick to Southern Stranglethorn (I was right), and those who did venture up north were doing laps up and down the river. The lake here has about 6 spawn points, and even if someone comes to fish there, another spawns as they do so. There are mobs in this area, so if you’re a lowbie, clear the area first.

You know it’s started by a /yell, so make sure you have your chat on. Also, this is how the winners are announced. Do keep going if first place is announced, as you could be second or third – there are prizes for all 3 and an achievement remember!

I got my 40 Speckled Tastyfish and hearthed back to hand in to was a full 3minutes in front of second place. The area became quite crowded at around the 20minute mark when most people were starting to hand in their quests from different servers, so a /tar macro may be a good idea.

Aviary Photo_130363295701732949Here are my (definitely non-pro!) tips for winning:

  1. Get there early, so you can seize up the competition and get sorted
  2. Set your hearth to Booty Bay
  3. Put your fishing pole on a keybind and turn your settings up – I struggled to see the pools on my ‘low’ graphic settings. If you don’t land it in the pool, you’re wasting valuable time fishing up junk.
  4. Put your sound on, just incase you miss the bob of the bobber.
  5. Clear your bags (enough for the 2 stacks of fish and your prize!)
  6. Choose your prize in advance – you don’t win til you hand the quest in, so no faffing!
  7. Try not to move too far between pools, this creates downtime between casts.
  8. Don’t steal other people’s pools, and move on if they steal yours – it’s not worth it.
  9. If you have anything less than max fishing, use a lure. You don’t want to not use one for the sake of a missed catch.
  10. Keep calm, but concentrate. Keep trying if you don’t win first time, a lot of it is luck on the amount of people entering that week.

Anyway, I was dead chuffed with my ring and now Mr B wants me to do it for him so he can have one. I really recommend you give it a go – yes, stressful, but reaps rewards.

I hope this has been a tiny bit helpful if you haven’t yet attempted it!

Day of the Dead

This short festival is in honour of the Mexican festival of the same name, celebrated on 1st November. It’s a beautiful festival, and if you don’t know its history, you should check it out.

Anyway, here is our – very short – guide to it, as we got very confused as to what was where and all that jazz.

So, first off go to your home city or Dalaran and find the guys. Co-ords for Dalaran are 35, 39.WoWScrnShot_110113_130606

You’ll see two NPCs there, so first off, you want to dance with Catrina to gain this achievement:

Aviary Photo_130277850021159271

And enjoy being a Skeleton!

Aviary Photo_130277849353018438

Anyway… next you need to buy some Marigolds and the Bread of the Dead recipe off Chapman, the vendor. Equip the flowers and use them so you’re able to see this guy, the Cheerful Spirit.

Aviary Photo_130277852288366978This guy will give you a quest called Bread of the Dead. Go buy some flour and milk at a low level vendor and bring them back to the fire in front of him to make the bread. Hand it in and you have got yourself this awesome little dude!

Aviary Photo_130277853759553486

He dances and headbangs all day long! Previously, he was perishable and disappeared after the festival. However word on the street is that he’s permanent this year as a battle pet. So… go get him!!!

I hope this tiny guide has helped clear up some of the confusion as to how you obtain the pet. There are lots of things on sale at the vendor for a few silver which are vanity items and fun to play with too. Definitely worth visiting if you haven’t already!





Fishing Extravaganza

For all you budding anglers out there, the daily fishing event is a must. Not only are the pools of great quantity, but the fish sell well on the auction house too. Bonus! It’s a great way to level up your fishing, especially if you spend loads of time queuing for LFR like I do.

WoWScrnShot_081913_175403The event

  • Happens daily in different locations around Pandaria – El’s Anglin’ has all the information on the exact spots.
  • Lots of pools close together with extremely quick respawn rates
  • A fishing raft / levitate / meditation etc is useful to access pools further into each particular area (the middle of the lake for example), but not necessary
  • Fish as normal – no pole or lure needed!

You need more information?

Ben of the Booming Voice…

Aviary Photo_130214051105447096

…located by Halfhill flightpoint near the river (Tomtom co-ords: 58 46), will tell you where the fish of the day is, and will even mark it on your map for you. He’s a nice chap!


There’s a rare to kill!!

Aviary Photo_130214042507317052Krakkanon spawns from a ‘large’ pool when it has been completely fished. These ‘large pools’ spawn every hour or so and contain up to 100 fish. This guy has a lot of health but doesn’t hit very hard – I’ve solo’d it on my level 90 mage (who had an ilvl of about 516 at the time). Just avoid the water jets that he throws around. He drops loot too – lots of fish, the quests for Nat Pagal and even:

Aviary Photo_130214045492780451

… which is pretty cool.

I hope this helps you enjoy fishing in some really beautiful locations in Pandaria.

Happy fishing!


I had been “Master of the Ways” for a long time before I read up on what to do afterwards. To be honest, after I had grinded all the achievements and Best Friends with all Halfhill characters, I was so pleased to be done with dailies I didn’t fancy any more!

However, my curiosity got the better of me, so I traded 50 of my hard earned cooking rewards for my Cooking School Bell, which summons this little guy:

Aviary Photo_130170014429254494

Once you have your Bell, Nomi will offer you one daily quest a day. Luckily, these are exceptionally easy and all materials for them can be bought from the vendor in Halfhill. There are 5 lessons in total that you must teach him, each giving rep each day so each must be done multiple times just like the others in Halfhill:

Lesson 1: Sliced Peaches – Stranger
Lesson 2: Instant Noodles – Pal
Lesson 3: Toasted Fish Jerky – Buddy
Lesson 4: Dried Needle Mushrooms – Friend
Lesson 5: Pounded Rice Cake – Good Friend

…and upon completion you get the achievement: Now I Am The Master. You also get to keep what he cooks, which I found really useful for buff food.

Once he reaches exalted, he gives you a daily quest:

Aviary Photo_130170583028929321

In your bag of goodies, you get an Ironpaw token plus some food: from banquets to level 300 buff food. It’ll take you a while to earn back your initial investment, but I think it’s definitely worth it – for the achievement points if anything else. It’s such an easy grind really, takes 3minutes a day.

Besides, he’s kind of cute…!


This is the beast, and he is certainly impressive!

Aviary Photo_130134601030267923

Key Points

  • Found in Kasarang Wilds (map) – once again, full credit to this lady as her site is a bountiful source of information on all the tames, in a lot of detail.
  • Patrols in and out of the water – the tracks are easy to see on the sand but you can miss them in the water
  • You must be level 87 to tame
  • Has quite a long route along the shoreline, in and out of hostile areas – so be careful

Taming Strategy

  • As always, you’re looking for his ‘muddy tracks’ – check the water carefully. Follow them until they stop and throw a flare ahead of where you think the next one will appear. It takes some practice to predict on his windy route.

Aviary Photo_130134600524197025

  • I’ve heard that if you’re inside the flare when he shows, he aggros, so make sure you throw it ahead of you. I personally haven’t confirmed this yet though.
  • Once he shows, pop a hunters mark on him immediately, to stop him stealthing out of sight and make him invisible to other hunters. He looks quite menacing here, doesn’t he?!
  • Aviary Photo_130134600803128456Hit tame when you’re ready, he’s so chilled he’ll keep pootling along as you’re taming, no fancy tricks needed.

Special Abilities

He has ‘Shell Shield’ in tank spec, which is quite a nice reduction of damage ability – it is standard for turtles though.

I must admit, I prefer the look of Terropene, but he’s a nice addition if you like these monsters 🙂

Happy Taming!

Learn Your ABC with Mr and Mrs B!

Aviary Photo_130158609131708208

A is for Auction House: you can’t live without it, yet the need to use it fills you with dread.

B is for Battle Pets: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

C is for Characters: so…many…alts.

D is for Dailies: need I say more?

E is for Energy: 8 hours sleep is 4 hours wasted play time!

F is for Fire: don’t stand in it. It hurts.

G is for Galleon: I visit you more times each week than my mother… why do you not give me the mount? /sadface

H is for Halfhill: who needs real life when you have your own chickens and food supply in game?

I is for Instances: a love-hate relationship.

J is for: Justice Points. Useful only for… wait, what are they useful for again?

K is for King Varian: FOR THE ALLIANCE!

L is for Loot: /sigh… why does RNG hate me?!

M is for Mounts: so pretty, so valuable, so elusive.

N is for Noobs: Newbies. Nubs. Idiots. #justkidding we love you really

O is for Outland: the most hated place in Azeroth?

P is for Pandas. Simples.

Q is for Quests: don’t you just love that yellow exclamation mark?

R is for Raiding: similar to divorce – time consuming, emotional and expensive.

S is for Subscription-gate: WARCRAFT IS DYING! #justkidding, warcraft4evaIDST

T is for Transmogrification: aka Bad-ass Barbies.

U is for Undercity: does anyone actually ever go there?!

V is for Vashj’ir: how I hate swimming.

W is for World of Warcraft. Duh.

X is for XP: NEED MOAR.

Y is for Yak Wash: Best. Quest. Ever.

Z is for Zul’aman… Zul’Grub… Zul’Drak…. Zul… who cares, too many damn trolls!