Minecraft Series #6 – STARBUCKS & SUBWAY!

Minecraft Series #6 – STARBUCKS & SUBWAY!

I’ve been itching to do another Minecraft post for a while. We are having some small financial worries at the moment so haven’t renewed this months sub just yet, so I’ve once again become totally addicted to Minecraft.

Before I had the baby, I was building a comeplete world from scratch… and I’ve blogged a tiny bit about it, but I thought I’d start this up again as I’m adding to it daily. I’m by no means a professional and my little world leaves a lot to be desired, but I thought you might enjoy seeing it.

So here are the previous posts for the Entertainment Complex:

Minecraft Series #1 – Ice cream (I love this one!)

Minecraft Series #2 – Cinema

Minecraft Series #4 – McDonalds

I’m currently focusing on my entertainment complex, which has the ice cream parlour, cinema, McDonalds and football stadium in. The road infrastructure doesn’t work very well, so I’ve also been spending lots of time on that. I hate building roads.

Here is Starbucks:

And Subway:

And an overall view of the complex. Not yet finished, but looking much more complete with better pedestrian footpaths and road systems/car parks.


I still want to add a pub next to the railway station, the Railway Arms maybe?

Suggestions needed! I also want to finish the Stadium which Mr B started, as he did the shell and failed to finish the interior. It’s huge though!!!

Minecraft Series #5 – CAR SHOWROOM!

I have been playing a lot of Minecraft lately, for two main reasons: firstly, it’s free which means I don’t feel obligated to get my money’s worth each month and secondly, I can pop on and off if I have ten minutes when the baby naps.

What I’m going to show you today is a Car Showroom. This is the last thing Mr B and I built together before we decided we couldn’t be friends and work on a project together haha! I love building cars in Minecraft, no idea why. This was a quick and fun build.


Front view


Inside ground floor


Upstairs staff canteen and offices

Anyway, just a quickie post. I’m working on Ikea at the moment and I have about a million blocks to fill in on the roof >.<

Minecraft Series #4 – MCDONALD’S!

Here is the next building to show off our Entertainment Complex, Maccy D’s!

I shamelessly copied the design from one of my favourite Minecrafters, Keralis. Here are some of our pics, and the video is below.

2014-06-28_18.09.26The inside:


The serving/prep area:


The little drive-thru area:


It’s a great little build, but be warned, he does whizz through the talk through – get the pause buttons ready!

I changed the inside slightly, and made lots of changes to the car park so it fit in with our world, but I think it’s a lot of fun.

Minecraft Series #3 MAIL!

Welcome back to my Minecraft series! I promised last time I would talk about our Entertainment Complex, but I got sidetracked by building a Mail Distribution Centre and I’m so pleased with it, I wanted to share it!

So, here it is, based on the UK Royal Mail colours, I hope they don’t mind :p


The building on the right is the visitor centre, where you go to collect your parcel because you’ve missed the postie when you’re at work. The other two large buildings are Warehouses. Obviously with the car park out front.

Main collection point:


With a Staff Area above – complete with widescreen TV and pool table of course. There’s also a Managers Office, toilet and store room, but I didn’t think you’d be that fussed about seeing those!


Here’s the loading bay and the vehicles. I just adapted a model of lorry I already knew and made it larger or smaller for the different sized vans.


Then inside the loading bay warehouse. I used a forklift truck video from Keralis (click) which I just adapted. It looks really good, so I used it in the adjoining warehouse too. I know it’s dark, but there’s already glowstone and many torches, it’s just a massive building.


I used lots of different crates for the parcels, plus the jukebox, crafting table and notebox. It’d be nice to have different sized squares, but hey! Here’s the larger warehouse. More of the same to be honest, but I had fun with the boxes!


I would have liked to make it even BIGGER with a proper road system around it for the trucks, but by the time I’d cut out all the damn flooring I was fed up. The whole complex is about 100 x 50 to give you an idea of size.

Hope you enjoyed it, see you for more Minecraft news soon!

Minecraft Series #2 CINEMA!

One of the first things we ever did on Minecraft was build an entertainment complex which comprises of an Ice Cream Parlour, A Football Stadium, a McDonalds and this Cinema. I will do the other buildings in a later post.

You should be able to click the pics to enlarge.

Here is our cinema from the front:


And from the side (you cans see the stadium in blue behind) and back. Sorry about the arm by the way, I still haven’t figured how to hide the UI!

2014-05-14_21.32.35 2014-05-14_21.32.15

The entrance hall, with the ticket desks at the front and the refreshment stalls at the back. This then leads up to a balcony where right and left corridors take you to the two screens. The pictures you can see on the right are the film adverts.

2014-05-14_21.33.01Here’s the waiting and toilet area, which I should have taken in the daylight as it looks really dark :p


And finally, the screen and projection areas:

2014-05-14_21.35.00 2014-05-14_21.34.32

The whole thing is about 35×35 blocks, so it’s pretty big! Let us know what you think!


Minecraft Series #1 ICE CREAM!

Many of you have said you would like to see what we’re up to in the meantime during our break with Warcraft. Mr B is still playing a little, so I’ve been on Minecraft a lot.

This is my ice cream parlour, located outside the stadium (you can see it in the background) in a complex with the Cinema and McDonalds (I’ll show you these in a later post).

The window on the left hand side of the building is for takeaway, and there’s a small outside seating area behind the giant icecream…


Here’s the top (that’s McDonalds on the left):


Seating area inside (with multicoloured tabletops of course!):


And staff / prep area:


It’s quite a small building (15/18 at its widest) but I really like it. It’s original – as far as I know!-  I just copied the outside design from a picture of a real parlour I found online, but the interior is pretty basic.

Hope you like!

Making Magic in Minecraft

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll know we’re a bit Minecraft Mad at the moment. We are in a massive WoW slump so have really been enjoying other games. We bought Minecraft at the beginning of the week and we are loving every minute.

Anyway, I thought I’d share what I’ve been working on. Yesterday I decided to have a go at making the church we got married in. It’s called Buildwas Holy Trinity, in Shropshire (in case you want to google!). Here’s the pic I worked from:


I couldn’t put the vestry in around the back (which you can’t see above), but here’s what I came up with…


Anyway, I’ve been having a great time… next, I want to build a school! 😉