Battling Lots of Dead Stuff

Last time we spoke, I was slogging my way through Diablo and the middle levels of my Wizard. I was enjoying it and going to bed far too late because I…the…next…checkpoint…!

Anyway, yesterday I finally dinged 60! I’ve been working so hard to understand the game and the gear and my character, but I’m finding the grinding a little monotonous at the moment, which is why it’s taking me so long.

Here she is anyway:

Aviary Photo_130453618699177739

I have been playing in the new Adventure Mode which has been pretty cool. I really like the idea of the bonuses and objectives – questing certainly gives the game a sense of purpose and feels less grindy. I’ve also been happy with the recently improved Legendary drop rate – it’s a pretty good sense of satisfaction when one drops! I have had some fun choosing the intricacies of my characters abilities – I miss that from WoW, putting in your own spec points. It’s fun trying different things.

However, there are some bad points. Firstly, the movement of Diablo feels really clunky and although I’ve logged a fair number of hours played (over 30!) I still can’t move that easily. I get stuck in the middle of mobs, even with movement on a key bind. Then there’s the whole clicking to pick up gear which is difficult when the boxes are so small and if you don’t get it exactly right, you move forward. I find the gear a bit tricky to understand with all the stats on it – so I’ve just gone for “if the shoe fits, wear it”. Yes, I totally had a sword for 5 levels as no staff dropped! :p Of course, the resetting of the map is really annoying. I understand why they do it, but when you’ve taken an hour to fully explore the area then get DC’d or have to pop out….. ugh, put me off playing last week.

I also find the movement thing awkward, but really, that’s the only complaint I have. I’ve been loving every minute of D3 and I’m now well into the Paragon levels. It’s also pretty cool levelling with friends, makes the whole experience better. I’m still with the Crusader, who is awesome:

Aviary Photo_130453618874054796

I have also recently started a Witch Doctor called Rafiki, who gains a level per mob at the moment with those Paragon points!

The necessary evil of the random loot rolls for stats is a little bit frustrating, but there’s so much to do that you can’t get bored. I actually like that the map changes each time as this keeps you logging in. Transmogging is also pretty cool, I’ve been enjoying using that feature (as you can see!).

Anyway, we’ll update again soon… if you fancy a game, let us know!



Minecraft Series #2 CINEMA!

One of the first things we ever did on Minecraft was build an entertainment complex which comprises of an Ice Cream Parlour, A Football Stadium, a McDonalds and this Cinema. I will do the other buildings in a later post.

You should be able to click the pics to enlarge.

Here is our cinema from the front:


And from the side (you cans see the stadium in blue behind) and back. Sorry about the arm by the way, I still haven’t figured how to hide the UI!

2014-05-14_21.32.35 2014-05-14_21.32.15

The entrance hall, with the ticket desks at the front and the refreshment stalls at the back. This then leads up to a balcony where right and left corridors take you to the two screens. The pictures you can see on the right are the film adverts.

2014-05-14_21.33.01Here’s the waiting and toilet area, which I should have taken in the daylight as it looks really dark :p


And finally, the screen and projection areas:

2014-05-14_21.35.00 2014-05-14_21.34.32

The whole thing is about 35×35 blocks, so it’s pretty big! Let us know what you think!


Dealings with Diablo

So we caved and bought the Diablo expansion this week, for a bargain price I might add! Neither of us have a max level character – yet – but the allure of the Crusader and the Adventure Mode just proved too much!

I’m hogging it at the moment, I’ve rolled a Crusader and as we’re speaking, I’m level 36.

Aviary Photo_130442911360887114

He looks beasty, huh? I haven’t had much time played as yet, but I thought I’d give a super quick overview thus far.

Good Things!

  • Crusaders hit like bricks – you can pull so many mobs at once!!
  • They look awesome :p

Bad Things

  • Not having more time to play.

As I said, only level 36 so I’m really looking forward to looking at the new content the expansion offers. I’ll update as and when I get there… shouldn’t be too long!

I was finally able to get access when he went off to work last night and managed to get my little Wizard to level 42. Here she is:

Aviary Photo_130442911203357741

I’ve just reached Act 5 and unlocked the transmogrifyer. This’ll be awesome when I decide what I want to look like. At the moment she looks a bit derpy with the hat she has on, but never mind.

Act 5 is more of the same, I enjoyed the Vestibule of Light as it was so pretty, but I’m currently in the dark underbelly of somewhere so that’s not as fun. I’m looking forward to reaching max level and this Adventure Mode I’ve been hearing so much about.

We have a Minecraft post for you next, stay tuned!

Minecraft Series #1 ICE CREAM!

Many of you have said you would like to see what we’re up to in the meantime during our break with Warcraft. Mr B is still playing a little, so I’ve been on Minecraft a lot.

This is my ice cream parlour, located outside the stadium (you can see it in the background) in a complex with the Cinema and McDonalds (I’ll show you these in a later post).

The window on the left hand side of the building is for takeaway, and there’s a small outside seating area behind the giant icecream…


Here’s the top (that’s McDonalds on the left):


Seating area inside (with multicoloured tabletops of course!):


And staff / prep area:


It’s quite a small building (15/18 at its widest) but I really like it. It’s original – as far as I know!-  I just copied the outside design from a picture of a real parlour I found online, but the interior is pretty basic.

Hope you like!

Making Magic in Minecraft

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll know we’re a bit Minecraft Mad at the moment. We are in a massive WoW slump so have really been enjoying other games. We bought Minecraft at the beginning of the week and we are loving every minute.

Anyway, I thought I’d share what I’ve been working on. Yesterday I decided to have a go at making the church we got married in. It’s called Buildwas Holy Trinity, in Shropshire (in case you want to google!). Here’s the pic I worked from:


I couldn’t put the vestry in around the back (which you can’t see above), but here’s what I came up with…


Anyway, I’ve been having a great time… next, I want to build a school! 😉

Royal Revolt II

I like to see which free apps provide me with some entertainment, so after I got bored with Township I downloaded Royal Revolt.

Basically, you are the conquering hero who lives in a castle. This castle is attacked sporadically by other users of the app, who can breach your defenses and steal your gold. You are able to spend the gold you get attacking others in the defense of your own castle. Pretty cool, huh!


  • It’s free from the app store!
  • Really easy to play and quite addictive
  • Graphics are really good and it’s not buggy
  • You don’t need facebook to progress!
  • Lots of fun animations and ways to defend your castle.
  • Pretty easy to progress at first, it feels rewarding.
  • Attacking real life players and getting revenge is really fun!!


  • You can only be a King, not a Queen
  • You need to log in relatively regularly or all your gold will be stolen and you can’t save up enough to pay for the next upgrade. For example, you get about 40k gold per win, you can do 4 attacks before your resources run out and need to replenish, so about 120k til you can’t do any more that session. People will steal about 80k of that in the meantime, and you need 500k to upgrade your next building… See the problem?
  • You can spend money to get gems to attack quicker and buy gold/resources, but I refuse to spend money on these games.
  • It’s quite prescriptive in what you’re allowed to do regarding troop placement.


Anyway, I really enjoyed this for about a month until I got bored because I couldn’t log in enough before my gold all got stolen. An bit of fun for a rainy day – highly recommended!

Hearthstoning for a Hearthsteed.

We are the world’s biggest noobs when it comes to Hearthstone. Seriously… we played at launch of Beta for a while before giving up as we were just loosing constantly.

I got really into it for a while, levelled a couple of custom decks to level 11. I eventually lost interest as I really feel it’s more of a phone/app game… one where you can play-and-go at work, or on the bus etc. I have much more important things to do at the PC and would much rather be playing WoW or Diablo.

Anyway, Twitter was all at a buzz about the new mount Hearthstone was offering your Warcraft account in exchange for 3 wins… excellent marketing, Blizzard, it got thousands of people to play!

Aviary Photo_130392880095103341After a couple of hours (and plenty of help from the Twitterverse!), we finally got the mount and achievement:

Aviary Photo_130392883841605151

The only bit of advice we can give if you’re still struggling, is to stack your deck with 1/1 murlocs and boars. This means you can put lots of low life minions on the board at once,  overwhelm your opponent and then pewpew them to the death. We did this with a shaman deck and once we got the hang of it, won pretty easily.

Good luck, and enjoy the mount! We certainly like it!


A Guilty Pleasure.

So, I like to dabble in the occasional tablet game, this is no secret.

Currently, my addiction of choice is a game called Township.

townshipAs the name suggests, it’s a mixture between SimCity and Farmville… and it’s awesome!


  • It’s free from the ap store 😉
  • It’s pretty addictive and really simple to play
  • The graphics are really good – lots of varied NPC’s (business men in suits, kids with balloons, dog walkers)
  • You can rearrange your town as much as you like without penalty as the roads are free!
  • You don’t need facebook friends to progress in the game.


  • As with all these games, you wait for everything. Grow crops, wait for them, produce cheese/bread/clothes, wait for them, send a train for goods, wait for it, build houses and community shops, wait for them etc. Of course, you can speed them up… for a price.
  • There are two in game currencies – coins and cash. Cash is bought, coins are earned. Same story as all the other tablet games, but it’s still a negative.

township2I can’t take pics on my iPad, so this will have to do

I think if you like other types of similar tablet games, you should check Township out. Be prepared for the normal long waits, but if you have the patience, you don’t have to pay or spam friends in order to progress. Yay!

Diary of two RIFT noobs #2

Day 2 and we’re still alive! Well, we’ve only died 3 times… that’s gotta be good, right?


I was casually exploring the website of my new mouse – Razer Naga – when I noticed a really cool promotion where you just sign up to their comms programme for free and get a mount and a costume cape! Sorted.

We both signed up and logged in for our free loots. We’re really chuffed as a mount in-game you need to buy for 2 platinum 50g. Upto now (level 15) we’ve only earned about 1platinum 60g… so still a way to go. Needless-to-say, we are so happy not to be running everywhere!

Aviary Photo_130328874417345768

Level 15, day 2.

Getting Around

We finally figured out that we could use the ports and your soul link – like a hearthstone. It’s a bit silly to have a one hour cooldown on it (in my humble opinion), but it makes things a little easier.


This is pretty linear and self-explanatory for the most part. We haven’t felt lost or out of our depth yet. We are currently working our way through the storyline and picking up and quests we stumble across in the world (which are plentiful). The mobs are an appropriate level, and the rift events give good xp.


Still don’t really have a clue about this, other than going cloth-int-anything else stat wise. We finally got a head piece and some shoulders each so we feel a bit more durable now. That being said, we still spend a lot of time dead! We also bought a couple of bags each (10 slots instead of 4) so we don’t keep having to go and find a vendor. We’re picking up a lot of crafting materials, which we have banked, as we haven’t picked up professions yet.


This is our main city and we made our way there today. It’s really beautiful actually.

Aviary Photo_130328874650013433

There seems to be everything the intrepid traveller/adventurer could need – we found vendors for all kinds and even joined in the “Fae Yule Celebrations”, which are the Christmas activities. We experimented with currency too – “unique snowflakes” we have been getting from world events buy mounts. We have 50, mounts cost 900… nearly there! We did do a daily quest for the Yule event and we each got a couple of pets from it, which was brilliant.

Being Social and All That

We joined in a guild which is run by @MissMurloc on twitter. Gives us a couple of perks, and @GPBatinna and @GPSicarios joined us there too – yay!

The Good Stuff

The RIFT world events are definitely a highlight of this game. You rock up to one, kill some monsters and get lootz. It seems you’re able to join other people’s party/raid groups (you can set it to private though) to help easier. The bigger your contributions, the better the rewards. We really really enjoy this element of the game. It’s also really good xp!

Another good element of RIFT is when something new enters your bag, it glows until you deal with it. This makes putting your new gear on really easy – you can see it and interact with it much quicker.

The scenery, despite my “low render quality” is really nice.

The Bad Stuff

Currencies. Ugh.

Gear stats, still no clue.

Here’s a pretty picture from the Sanctum to finish:

Aviary Photo_130328874849955436