Five Fashionista Minutes with Mrs B

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a transmog post (that doesn’t involve a blog challenge), and with it being #MonkWeek, it’s perfect timing, so I thought I’d update you all with my latest Monk mog. I went with a twist on the Nightstalker set and even though I haven’t got the weapon drop that I want off Malygos yet, I LOVE IT!


Aviary Photo_130231263684704141


Aviary Photo_130231263912632682

Item List

Shoulders – Mantle of the Unforgiven

Chest: Chestguard of No Remorse

Hands: Gloves of the Unbound

Waist: Crystallized Girdle

Legs: Leggings of the Unrepentant

Feet: Polar Boots

Weapons: Wrathful Gladiator’s Slicer

This was quite a time consuming mog to grind for – I relied on drops from HC instances which you can only run once a day. The weapons are easy as they’re justice-based, plus the boots which can be made by a leather worker. I also have a couple of head pieces to put on, but I’m not convinced I want them yet. Still… let me know what you think!


I’ve got some more swords (Phantom Blade) for this mog, which I think I prefer!

Aviary Photo_130237026194677534

This post concludes #MonkWeek, but for more transmog posts for all our toons, remember to check out the links on the right hand side of the page!

Five Fashionista Minutes with Mr B

I wanted something different for my new DK so I went for an Iron Man look. Hope you like it!


Aviary Photo_130211587238092885

Back / Side

Aviary Photo_130211587467393007Item List

Five Fashionista Minutes

Following on from our epic couple of weeks levelling, where I pretty much had my transmog already planned for my panda, here is our little duo rocking their new clothes:

Aviary Photo_130173413290989504

Up close and personal with Mr B:

Aviary Photo_130173432695157131

Mrs B:

Aviary Photo_130173433117580749

Money Matters… Or Does It?

Recently, I bought some – I thought – extortionately expensive transmogrification shoulders off the auction house: Bonechewer Shoulderguards for just over 800g. I then looked the next day to find that this price had shot up to 5000g and was faced with the ultimate dilemma:

Do I keep the amazing shoulders and use them as intended, or should I sell them and make a potential 600% profit?

Don’t get me wrong… I want these shoulders… they look amazing with my new transmog, of which they were the last piece I needed:

Aviary Photo_130162247304478692

They are also uber rare, with a 0.3% drop chance. This explains the mad price.

So, do I sell them or do I keep them? I asked Twitter.

The responses were really interesting. Out of the people that responded, most said to sell them on, make the money, then buy again later when the price was lower. Only a couple of people said to use them, with a couple more saying it depended on how much I love them.

Personally, I’m not a gold maker. I try really hard to make money in a casual context: i.e., flipping items when I see the opportunity, ensuring I sell everything I can and using my professions if I have the opportunity. However, I don’t have knowledge of the markets and I tend to save and not invest. Perhaps not an aspiring stock broker…

The result? I kept them. I’m not really interested in making money and I’m much more interested in looking beautiful. I am glad I didn’t spend 5000g on them though, a proper bargain!

The question remains: would you sell them on or keep them? How much is too much for a piece of transmogrification gear?

Five Fashionista Minutes with Mrs B


I’ve really enjoyed getting an outfit fit for my priest’s shadow spec. I went for the Absolution set, with a few tweaks:

Aviary Photo_130132082287837745


Aviary Photo_130132082539626089


Aviary Photo_130132082734317208



Head: Hood of Absolution

Shoulders: Mantle of Absolution

Chest: Vestments of Absolution

Hands: Rittsyn’s Ruinblasters (I know these are a bold choice, but I think the light blue really lifts the set)

Waist: Dreadful Gladiator’s Cord of Cruelty

Feet: Blue Suede Shoes

Off-hand: Nolkai’s Lantern (I’m so glad I found this, I use it for my Holy spec mog too!)

N.B: I haven’t changed the main hand as it’s a dagger and I’m after the 2H staff 🙂

Aviary Photo_130132082994530642Ironbound Proto-Drake suits this mog well

Five (Silly) Fashionista Minutes with Mrs B

Jojo from Admiring Azeroth recently started a ‘mog contest to see who could come up with a set that looks like a companion pet in aid of her birthday celebrations.

I wanted to share my own entry, it’s rather silly, but perfect as I love (and got married at!) Christmas.


As you can see, I chose the Winter Reindeer! Feeling festive yet?!


Head: Doomed Crown of Lei Shen

Shoulders: Tusked Shoulderpads

Back: Sergeant’s Cape

Chest: Expedition Tunic

Shirt: Dark Silk Shirt

Hands: Ghostwalker Gloves

Waist: Belt of Fierce Competition

Legs: Insignia Leggings

Feet: Ghostwalker Boots

Off-hand: Nolkai’s Lantern

Please bear in mind that we weren’t bound by specific armour types etc, we could use what we wanted to create the look. I think it was a fabulous idea and I had a lot of fun – I’d encourage you all to try!

Happy Birthday again, Jojo!

Is That A Troll I See…?

No, a Death Knight in disguise… ssh!

Mr B here, this is my DK transmog.

Aviary Photo_130128470119429353


Aviary Photo_130128470616460519


Aviary Photo_130128470353124535



Head: Amani Mask of Death

Shoulders: Pauldrons of Gruesome Fate

Chest: Chestguard of the Stoic Guardian

Hands: Furious Deathgrips

Waist: Stormforged Belt

Legs: Unwavering Legguards

Feet: Sabatons of the Righteous Defender

Weapon: Troll Butcherer

I’m still not sure I like this set, not sure why! Most of it is from the vendor in Shattrath and I put a lot of effort in to grind the justice during Cata. The belt was a find from the AH, and the weapon was a drop from Trollgore in Drak’Tharon Keep.

Let me know what you think…

Five Fashionista Minutes with Mrs B

I’ve been a bit hooked on transmog recently, so I thought I’d share with you a set I’d been ‘um-ing and ah’ing’ over for months.

Now, I don’t really like grinding for Tier sets, as I really get sick of running the same instances, but the Tirisfal set is a good one which I acquired over a period of a few months.

This is the finished product… for now.

Aviary Photo_130127011074843383


Aviary Photo_130127010947385048


Aviary Photo_130127010737247758



Head: Cowl of Tirisfal

Shoulders: Mantle of Tirisfal

Back: Chieftain’s Cloak

Chest: Robes of Tirisfal

Hands: Imperial Red Gloves

Waist: Aerie Belt

Feet: Deathsilk Boots

Weapon: Soulkeeper

I had some trouble finding a cloak that matched, but I’m really pleased with the final product. I find it really hard to find sets where you can appreciate them in all their glory on Gnomes – they are short and stubby and you can’t see a lot of detail. However, with the glow of the light from the weapon and the nice red colour, I think this is a lovely set!

Five Fashionista Minutes with Mrs B

I thought I’d introduce you to my new Hunter transmog.

I really wanted something natural, but with no skulls. Girly, but not wearing a dress. This is what I put together and I really love it:

Aviary Photo_130116367444648199


Aviary Photo_130116367652604246


Aviary Photo_130116367867112822



Shoulders: Beast-Tamer’s Shoulders

Chest: Gronnstalker’s Chestguard

Hands: Tsunami Gloves

Waist: Runed Copper Belt

Legs: Gronnstalker’s Leggings

Feet: Gronnstalker’s Boots

Weapon: Drakkari Hunting Bow


I think one of the best pets for this set, that I have, is the Amber coloured Direhorn from Isle of Giants:


So, do you like? 🙂