Mr B’s characters

In the process of being updated, I have so many alts!

Sinnius – Worgan Holy/Shadow Priest

Aviary Photo_130212006800636672

Chaosin – Human Affliction Warlock

Aviary Photo_130212005795770758

Siniuss: Gnome Combat Rogue

Aviary Photo_130212006366752253

Viserian – Human Blood Death Knight

Aviary Photo_130211587238092885

Burq – Elemental Pandaren Shaman

Aviary Photo_130212005483471872

Dumblesin – Dwarf Frost Mage

Aviary Photo_130212006092097823

Sinaty – Tauren Feral Druid

Aviary Photo_130333151222437358


This is my Diablo character: Psycho. He’s a Crusader!

Aviary Photo_130453618874054796

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