Mrs B’s characters

You’ll notice how all of my characters follow a definite naming convention, which all stem from a nickname I had when living in France: Loulou.

Louloutte – Gnome Frost Mage

Aviary Photo_130212014347818055

Lou is my favourite and my main character. I do all achievements and grinding on this toon. She also has the best wardrobe!

Burquette – Windwalker Pandaren Monk

Aviary Photo_130212012457163224

  • Engineering (600)
  • Mining (600)
  • Fishing – not even worth mentioning ^^

My favourite alt and knows it! Likes to change her hair. A lot.

Fleurette – Human Combat Rogue

Aviary Photo_130242640316135693

This is my level 70 Twink. She is currently outfitted in Sunwell PvE gear and enjoying doing nothing. For the time being, anyway!

Aryette – Worgen Destruction Warlock

Aviary Photo_130215814054529336

Ari is a bit of a pyromaniac and also has lots of fashion crises – she loves hats, but they don’t love her. How much fur on show is too much? Which shoes suit those biiiig feet?

Pichouette – Human Beast Mastery Hunter

Aviary Photo_130212013097614542

Pichou is the badass of the group. She hates skirts but has a soft spot for animals! Likes getting down and dirty in the woods…

Poulette – Draenei Restoration Shaman

Aviary Photo_130212012686999618

This is the refined lady of the group. Quiet, reflective and totally in charge!

Chouchoute – Night Elf Holy Priest

Aviary Photo_130212012890441095

Bit of a bimbo, likes sparkly things.

Filoutte – Dwarf Frost Death Knight

Aviary Photo_130333145036421482

Quite new to the team and has so far proven to be into swords (bigger the better) and bringing clunky plate back into fashion. Always on the look out for some delicate gloves or boots!

Loupette – Night Elf Feral Druid

Aviary Photo_130349542118548146

Newest member of the crew and still very fragile. Likes nature and meowing at strange objects.


I just have the one Diablo character at the moment – her name is Louloutte too, and she’s a Fire Wizard!

Aviary Photo_130456871353033328


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