A Goal Achieved

After nearly a year of perseverance,  I finally hit my goal of 60 exalted reputations!

Aviary Photo_130504489664031471

I have been rocking ‘The Beloved’ title ever since!

It’s a massive grind for only 10 points, but you do get lots of pretty mounts and tabards AND there’s something inside me that feels happy to see this:

Aviary Photo_130505923331763447

I’ve decided to keep going and see how many I can get. I have all the hard ones left now: Hydraxion Warlords (getting a bit sick of Molton Core!!), Booty Bay, Frenzyheart (I can’t be bothered after working so hard for the Oracles!) etc etc. I don’t feel a mad rush, but it’ll be nice to see if I can get a couple more done before WoD.

Do you guys like rep grinding?