A Magical Wish (and a lot of luck!)

A Magical Wish (and a lot of luck!)

I wasn’t going to blog tonight… but I couldn’t wait to show you this!!!



Oh he’s so cuuuuute! We are going to be friends I know it.


I’ve been popping to the Terokkar lakes when I have a minute forever. I’ll be the first to admit after a long initial grind I just kind of gave up, so on the off chance I spent half an hour tonight and voilà. Amazing what happens when you least expect it.

Even better? I got the Crawdad on the first wish. Bostin’!

Oh, whilst I’m here… check out this pretty Suramar sky 🙂


Have a beautiful evening ❤

Gaining Approval of the Kurenei

This week, I have been working towards my 59th rep, and after a couple of days of old-school grinding, I had it.

That rep is Kurenei, with the Ogres of Nagrand.

Aviary Photo_130503640410483496

I’m going to write a tiny post about how I went about gaining that rep. There might be more efficient ways to farm it, but this suited my current on/off mood.

Location (unscientifically tested!)

1. Northwind Cleft

  • 31 ogres to kill per lap
  • takes about 2mins per lap
  • 6-8 beads gained (including respawns on the way back)
  • Start outside, kill and loot all. In cave, turn right until you can’t. Turn 180 then follow same proceedure. Lots of ores in this cave too.
  • Pros: nice circular route, fast respawning ogres, good mining nodes
  • Cons: lots of levellers and popular with other rep grinders as lots of websites suggest this site



Start here, enter cave and keeeeel.

2. Laughing Skull Ruins (near ring of blood)

  • 29-32 ogres to kill per lap
  • takes about 2mins per lap
  • 10-12 beads gained (including any respawns en route)
  • Start at one end and work your way across vertically following the mini village layout
  • Pros: more beads, out in the open (I hate caves!)
  • Cons: heavily contested by levellers and others in the area

Rep Gain

  • Make sure you do all the relevant quests, this should take you to almost revered
  • You get 11 rep per ogre plus the Warbeads you can hand in at Telaa. I handed the beads in every 100 stack, but others prefer to save those towards Consortium rep and just grind ogres. I personally find that a bit soul destroying, but each to their own.

To summarise – it’s a mean grind but you feel it goes quite quickly as you have quest items to hand in for instant reward. You pick up a LOT of netherweave cloth too – stacks of the stuff – so that’s a nice perk. Lots of competition for mobs though, so I always did it later at night.

Hope this helps!


Day of the Dead

This short festival is in honour of the Mexican festival of the same name, celebrated on 1st November. It’s a beautiful festival, and if you don’t know its history, you should check it out.

Anyway, here is our – very short – guide to it, as we got very confused as to what was where and all that jazz.

So, first off go to your home city or Dalaran and find the guys. Co-ords for Dalaran are 35, 39.WoWScrnShot_110113_130606

You’ll see two NPCs there, so first off, you want to dance with Catrina to gain this achievement:

Aviary Photo_130277850021159271

And enjoy being a Skeleton!

Aviary Photo_130277849353018438

Anyway… next you need to buy some Marigolds and the Bread of the Dead recipe off Chapman, the vendor. Equip the flowers and use them so you’re able to see this guy, the Cheerful Spirit.

Aviary Photo_130277852288366978This guy will give you a quest called Bread of the Dead. Go buy some flour and milk at a low level vendor and bring them back to the fire in front of him to make the bread. Hand it in and you have got yourself this awesome little dude!

Aviary Photo_130277853759553486

He dances and headbangs all day long! Previously, he was perishable and disappeared after the festival. However word on the street is that he’s permanent this year as a battle pet. So… go get him!!!

I hope this tiny guide has helped clear up some of the confusion as to how you obtain the pet. There are lots of things on sale at the vendor for a few silver which are vanity items and fun to play with too. Definitely worth visiting if you haven’t already!





Mrs B’s Picture of the Week

I have been talking a lot on Twitter about my Gnome Army that I want to create – well, how about a sheep army instead??


This screenshot was taken when doing the “Critter Gitter” achievement a few months ago. I thought it was wonderful how you could pretend to be a Shepherd for a few hillarious minutes….

For those who haven’t yet got this achievement – it’s really easy. I got myself some critter bites and went to a farm in Elwynn Forest, near the source of the Northshire River (50,13), owned by Agee Tyler. Lots of sheep there, just stand in the middle and throw your bites around.

After you’re done, enjoy the power!!