Community Project: Achievements

This is the first category for the “Warcraft Community’s Top Things To Do Before WoD” community project. Below are plenty of ideas submitted by the community (whose contact details are at the bottom) via twitter, in-game or blog. Have fun!

The Feat of Strength

DoctorHannah is a big fan of the feat of strength you achieve from earning 9,000 achievement points and told me that it’s one of her “greatest achievements”. Well, if that’s not enough of an accolade I don’t know what is! There are many ways to go about earning those points doing things you enjoy or something new you might want to try. As Velgana states, “it allows you to focus on the new content that comes out, without having to sweat about going back into the old world”. Lots of the MoP achievements are now much easier than at release, so don’t let that put you off!


Proving Grounds

@clewdacris is a big fan of the proving grounds, resolutely stating that they “really help you improve”. If you are a beginner or trying for the Endless roles, the solo scenario just requires grit and determination to progress. There’s no pressure, as you’re alone, and you can try a Tank, Healer or DPS role as you prefer. Not convinced yet? Well, there’s a title and achievement points up for grabs plus the bragging rights when you reach gold. An excellent guide can be found here.

Sky Race 


This is one of my favourite achievements. The Sky Race is part of the Order of the Cloud Serpent dailies group and rep grind. Even if  you hate grinding reputation, it’s worth getting to revered so you can take part in the Sky Race and ride your Cloud Serpent to victory! It’s a lot of fun and there are several achievements to gain too: from finishing the race, to beating your competitors and coming first.


Rare Mounts and Mount Farming

This was one of the most popular responses within the community.It seems like everyone is using the calm time to grind those pretty new mounts and the achievements/feats of strength that accompanies them. As the Mistress of Faff points out: there’s 250 mounts to collect to earn that beautiful Felfire Hawk in WoD – the sooner we get on it the better! Twenty20 makes an excellent point to the community – actually, *most* of these mount runs are old content and therefore soloable, which at a time when many people are taking a break, it’s very handy! Some of the prettier dungeons, like Vortex Pinnacle and Magisters Terrace make Tome want to stay in there forever and make the farming seem less arduous.

@witty_warlock and I agree that the Argent Tournament is an excellent way to go about mount farming. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an absolute nightmare of a grind and unless you do it on multiple characters daily, it’ll take you months. However, with over 10 mounts available (not to mention the pets, tabards and banners!), it’s an excellent – and easy – way to earn more mounts.

STUPIDTOURNAMENTI love this meme by – bang on the money!


There are some more fun mount grinds out in the world: @elpheagle can give more information on the 9,999 bone farm from the Isle of Giants which awards the Bone White Primal Raptor. Whilst farming these, there’s also a chance at a Primal Egg, which when hatched, awards one of 3 raptor mounts – you can go back and hunt for all 3! Axa suggests The Netherwing Drake grind which is now very easy with an addon and multiple dailies per day… nothing like the TBC days, it’ll take you only a couple of weeks and awards multiple pretty drakes.

In WoD, a new mount feature in-game will enable us to see where which mounts we have not yet earned, plus where to get them – like the pet window we have currently. Until then, use the links above and Google ’til your finger pads are worn away!

Challenge Modes

We argued about putting this in the achievements category as it doesn’t really fit anywhere. However, I won so here it is. Challenge Modes are a new feature that MoP offers in order to test your mettle against the bosses of Pandaria with scaled gear and a time limit. @trimbleirl is a big fan, stating that although they “are tough if you’re not prepared” they are totally worth the hassle. We recommend finding a good group of pals, or trying OpenRaid and giving it a shot if you have the time. They’re fun!

Meta Achievements

I had to put this in here, as there are so many other achievements in-game that earn you a greater reward when completed as part of a set. For example, world events, raiding and dungeon metas, PvP and so on. There are too many to mention here, but they are exceptionally varied: from old to new content, PvP to PvE, levelling to end-game, that there must be something that interests you. @Aleveria loves to have a goal to work towards and I agree when she states that a whole day can be lost working towards it!


Furblogs and Timbermaw Hold

Today I was casually farming for my Winterspring cub, when I realised that by killing the Furblogs I was gaining Timbermaw rep – 22 rep per kill was adding up and I was already honoured with Timbermaw Hold. Off I went to Wowhead (which has a brilliant guide by the way) to discover that it’s an insanely quick rep guide! Bonus!


I was already honoured, from levelling and doing Loremaster, so I only needed about 30k of rep. I decided to do a couple of final quests then grind the furblogs by the lake in Felwood for the feathers to hand in. You can also grind them Winterspring side for the beads, but the mobs are more spread out so it’s not as time efficient.

Anyway, off I went to do laps around the lake and within an hour, I was exalted.


There is an achievement for being exalted with both Timbermaw and Kurenai. We already had this though. For me, it meant I finally hit 40 exalted reputations. The achievement for exalted also made me /giggle:

Aviary Photo_130254522850742783

I also got some enchanting and tailoring recipes I was missing when I hit friendly, so it’s worth doing it if you’re a completionist like myself and want all the recipes for your professions.

At exalted, you can also buy an item which changes you into a furblog!! Jealous much?

Aviary Photo_130254522998183549Can you spot the imposter Mage?

Hunting Hoplings

We have been hearing a lot about the Hopling from Stormstout Brewery, so today I thought I’d go hunt it out.

Aviary Photo_130187906476571244What to do

  • Queue for Stormstout Brewery HC as normal
  • As you zone in, buy 5 Ling-Ting’s Favourite Tea from the vendor on your immediate right
  • Complete the instance and let the others leave
  • Use this macro to help locate them:

/tar Golden Hopling

/script SetRaidTarget(“target”,1)

  • Starting at either end, spam the macro in each part of the instance – outside on the walkways as well as in the room. Remember to face in different directions, the little blighters are everywhere! Just make sure you kill all the hostile hozen first… although some do remain partying the night away!


  • You need 30 for the achievement:

Aviary Photo_130187906938326088

After completing the achievement, you’ll get a lovely letter from Aunty…

Aviary Photo_130187906712511905

… and this will contain your hopling. He’s cute, enjoy!


With some guildies and a group of awesome Twitterfolk, off we went to Bastion of Twilight (BoT) Heroic to kill Sinestra to get the title: Dragonslayer.

Aviary Photo_130181142434349151

The Raid

This went pretty well, all things considered. Our line up was 2 tanks (DK/Warrior), 2 healers (druid/monk) and DPS (4 mages, 2 hunters). There were a couple of hairy moments with the Ascendance Council, where we hoped to just nuke it but it didn’t work. After a couple of tries, we understood we had to get them down to equal health before phase 3, and got them down.


Aviary Photo_130181142864456505It took us a while to understand all the different mechanics of this great lady. We finally got her down after about 6 pulls with 2 tanks, 3 healers (priest, druid, pally) and 5 DPS (3 mages, 2 hunters).

Phase 1

Wrack: this is a debuff that lasts a minute and ticks harder each second, eventually ticking for 10% of your max health every second, but spreads to two others in the raid when you dispel it. The Priest (myself) was responsible for dealing with this and using damage control. It was a compromise in the end – spreading the damage out amongst the raid for the duration of it.

Orbs: We all lined up on the right side of the room then when the orbs appeared, kited them out to the left and towards the back. It took some practice not to hit anyone else but once we got it, it was ok.

Phase 2:

Adds: the tank collected the adds and kept them at the back of the room.

Mana Shield: All ranged were responsible for getting this shield down, was a nuke

Eggs: Once the shield was down, two DPS went  for the eggs and killed them. Everyone else was killing adds.

Phase 3:

Tank swap here

Spritecaller: this was causing us the most problems – if you don’t get him down before he casts “Unleash Essence” then the raid wipes due to the 10sec massive AoE he does. He spawns after the eggs are killed.

The rest of the phase is identical to Phase 1. Wrack needs to be controlled again, which is harder as the raid takes more damage as the phase is longer. We saved all cooldowns for this phase.

Aviary Photo_130181142656500588

Overall, this was all about management of positioning. It was nice to do this raid and have to think, and I’m so happy those able to join got their titles after all their hard work!

Thank you to @Sophrosyne_wow, @AdmiringAzeroth, @SarahEd1981, @ElisaAnttila, @Legolene, Peppermint, Garias, Allenis and the other couple of pugs who helped us out.


What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been…

My adventure started exactly a year ago, when I had just dinged 90 on my first character – my mage. I didn’t know anything about achievements, but I asked Mr B why people were hunting fires and my own interest ignited (good pun, eh?).

You all know I love my achievements, so this one seemed like the ultimate long term goal… I hoped I could do it within the year, even though we were offline for most of the Winter Veil (we got married!). It has taken some commitment, especially for the PvP achievements, but I’m happy to announce that today, I finally achieved it!

Aviary Photo_130163789032378312

This takes me up to 12805 achievement points. I suppose the only question is: which do I work on next?!

Aviary Photo_130163789305391740

Loving my Violet Proto-Drake!


The last 24hours has been a day of achievements for me, which I have enjoyed immensely.

Firstly, my guildie, Hapie, and I ran some dungeons for mounts. I wanted Ashes of Alar but it was not to be, but Hapie did get the Azure Drake from the Eye of Eternity which he was really happy about!



Then, we ran some HCs with the guild and I managed to get a couple of achievements which I’ve been after for a while but find hard to do in LFG as you get moaned at for not dps-ing:


Glintrok Rock N Roll is just a speed run of Mogu’shan Palace, which was easy with 3 raid-ready guildmates. We were running for valour and the guild challenges which keeps our cashflow nice and steady.

Respect is from Shado-Pan Monastery, you need to bow to all the kungfu guys after you defeat them (you know you’re doing it right when they stand up afterwards!). I recommend making a macro to do this – but it’s not particularly difficult with enough dps to cover your absence whilst you do it.

The Tranquil Master – I didn’t even realise this was available until Mr B said I only needed the Sha of Despair to complete it. Luckily, Hapie (I think he wants to make it up to me that he got the mount!) had the quest to summon him so off we went to Krasarang Wilds to finish the job. Easily done with the two of us and I got a rather fetching title which I shall wear for the day – replacing my favourite Loremaster one – to honour Hapie’s help.


Thanks for all your help buddy ❤