Pretty in Pink

Say hello to AcronissAviary Photo_130133946853926001I only came across him by chance, after oggling him in LFR – I admit, the pink appealed to my girly nature. Waaaaay too girly for me! Luckily, I only had to wait an hour or so. I set myself in place, went into LFR and when I zoned back, he was there waiting for me.

Key Points

  • Found in Silithus (more info below)
  • The only tameable pink serpent wyrm thing in-game. I love the uniqueness of this pet!
  • Excellent choice for low level hunters wanting a really good looking pet – can be tamed from level 55
  • Has 7k health and spawns surrounded by mobs

Taming Strategy

  • For a level 90, just hit tame, it’s easy
  • At level, make sure you clear the mobs around the spawn point (see below) as there are at least 3 that could spell disaster if you’re up against this guy alone. Standard deterrence-tame applies here for you guys.

Finding Acroniss

  • Located in the top northeast corner of Silithus, Staghelm Point to be precise. He is in the back of this cave. You know how much I hate caves, but luckily, this one is easily navigable:


  • Follow the cave to the back and there’s a small circle next to a chap called Vyral the Vile. He spawns literally in the middle of that circle.

WoWScrnShot_051913_003546shot just after the tame

I think the colour is the main draw for me here, but the thing I love most is how he moves. Stationary, he floats and curls in the air, but when you run, he spreads out next to you and looks really cool…

Aviary Photo_130133953972375941

…Happy Taming!