Monday Moan #3

Stable Masters.


Bane of my life!

This week I decided to stop pussy-footing around and start pet battling properly. I have actually really enjoyed it – after a few days of battling I have a lovely little team and I’m quite happily finishing my Eastern Kingdoms Tamer achievement. I have employed a method of battling 2 or 3 zones higher than my team for the difficulty bonus which, obviously, involves me needing to heal a LOT.

However, stable masters have become a bone of contention — why does every zone not have one? Why are there not stable masters in every major town? If there is a flight point, surely it would be equally logical to have a stable master? I spend a large amount of my time flying back to the nearest stable master to heal my pets. If they don’t want to put stable masters in every zone, why can Blizzard not make bandages craftable – something in line with First Aid would work wonders.

Now, I understand a lot of this is to slow people down – fair enough. I also realise if you were playing it in the right zone you wouldn’t need to heal as often and so could use your ‘revive pets’ cooldown – fair enough. However, there must be a compromise somewhere, I know I’m not the only one doing this.

I know this has been moaned about a lot on the forums, so I won’t go on but it really is annoying!

Feel better now. See you next week.