Dress Up – Gentleman!


Welcome back to Batinna’s dress up challenge. This one, for a change, I ACTUALLY HAVE THE MOG FOR!!!

Tip your hat to a very distinguished gentleman, Bankerbee.

Aviary Photo_130264274710552392

This, obviously, is our level 1 Preist bank alt. He currently looks after all our heirlooms, timeless gear and is generally extremely helpful around town. I haven’t quite finished (I’d like a top hat), but it’s an ongoing project as I refuse to spend 1000’s of gold on it! It’s really fun only using grey and white items, I’d recommend it!


  • Head: Noble’s Monacle
  • Shirt: Formal White Shirt
  • Legs: Tuxedo Pants
  • Feet: Dress Shoes
  • Off-hand: Red Rose