Day of the Dead

This short festival is in honour of the Mexican festival of the same name, celebrated on 1st November. It’s a beautiful festival, and if you don’t know its history, you should check it out.

Anyway, here is our – very short – guide to it, as we got very confused as to what was where and all that jazz.

So, first off go to your home city or Dalaran and find the guys. Co-ords for Dalaran are 35, 39.WoWScrnShot_110113_130606

You’ll see two NPCs there, so first off, you want to dance with Catrina to gain this achievement:

Aviary Photo_130277850021159271

And enjoy being a Skeleton!

Aviary Photo_130277849353018438

Anyway… next you need to buy some Marigolds and the Bread of the Dead recipe off Chapman, the vendor. Equip the flowers and use them so you’re able to see this guy, the Cheerful Spirit.

Aviary Photo_130277852288366978This guy will give you a quest called Bread of the Dead. Go buy some flour and milk at a low level vendor and bring them back to the fire in front of him to make the bread. Hand it in and you have got yourself this awesome little dude!

Aviary Photo_130277853759553486

He dances and headbangs all day long! Previously, he was perishable and disappeared after the festival. However word on the street is that he’s permanent this year as a battle pet. So… go get him!!!

I hope this tiny guide has helped clear up some of the confusion as to how you obtain the pet. There are lots of things on sale at the vendor for a few silver which are vanity items and fun to play with too. Definitely worth visiting if you haven’t already!