#IntPiPoMo – Pictures 1-8 (A,B,C,D)

So excited for our first pictures. So, with no more ado, here they are!

A – Angler’s Wharf and Archaeology

Aviary Photo_130279738841675394I love the Anglers, such a wonderful bunch of people and their Wharf is a calming place to fish. On the other hand, Archaeology is not my favourite thing in the world… although you can get addicted with all those available achievement points.

B – Battle Pets and Battlegrounds

Aviary Photo_130279744854194762So many pets to battle! I’ve recently started naming mine, becoming a bit obsessed! Battlegrounds, ugh.

C – Crowd and Canals

Aviary Photo_130279751447611678This was the crowd on our server surrounding the quest giver on the Timeless Isle. We put up with supreme lag for days after the release of the patch! The canals are a nice place to watch the world go by… just make sure you turn Trade Chat off first!!

D – Dwarf and Dalaran

Aviary Photo_130279763608524783This Dwarf, a Mr Furen Longbeard of the Dwarven District, has a particularly fine beard. Dalaran looks magnificent from every angle… except perhaps the sewers…!

See you at the weekend for the next set of screenies! *flies off to start snapping*

Playing at PvP

As you know, I’m a bit of an achievement addict, so we were reviewing our points and realised it was about time we started to experiment with PvP. I have never really enjoyed it on my mage as all I seemed to do was die before I could cast a frostbolt.

So…  Mr B and I went for it on our Hunter and Monk. We sorted our reforging out, bought the 450 PvP set and – with some trepidation – queued. First was one of the new one’s I’d never done before – in a mine. Once we had figured out that we were supposed to be chasing the carts and not just hiding from the Horde, the battleground was over.


Dead… again.

Second try was a bit more successful: Warsong Gulch which I had done before. I had no idea what I was doing or if there were tactics, but I understand the principal: kill the Horde who are in the way. I actually managed to get 2 honourable kills in that one… and about 15 deaths. Woot.

Our final try was Alterac Valley. I thought I did quite well here, until I met a priest who seemed to take a disliking to me. Fear, silence, mind flay and I was a gonner. Multiple times.

Last night, when Mr B was at work I gave it a go on my level 55 shadow priest, Chouchoute, who I am currently really enjoying levelling. This was the result:


That’s me! At the top!!

I hope you’re proud.