To PvP… or not to PvP

So the plan was for me to write a super exciting blog series about leveling using PvP from scratch. I asked twitter what to level (undead Rogue won by a small margin) and off I went.

I love PvP and one of the greatest let downs in WoD was how stupid the queuing system was in Ashran. It really put me off for a while, so I was excited to start again this expansion.

I got to level 10 and queued for my first BG. TWENTY MINUTES later I got my first one. This continued all the way to level 15 where I gave up. I don’t know if it’s the time of day I play, the norm these days or what. I can’t waste twenty minutes waiting for the queue to pop I don’t have that time anymore. #dadlife

So that idea is a bust, sorry folks. I may try levelling a DK and seeing if queue times are better in the higher levels, but for now, back to levelling the Shaman.