20 Days of WoW – Day 10

Day 10 – Blog/Website favourites

We’ve been putting this one off as I’m finding it hard to choose. So, I’ve decided to say…

Blog Favourites:

All of the ones I follow!! Check out our follows on Twitter for lots of Warcraft community blogs and a lovely set of people. I’ve mentioned a few in my previous posts, but there are just too many talented bloggers out there to choose from.

Mr B’s Website Favourites

  1. wow.joystiq.com – blogs, articles, news… everything for the warcraft enthusiast
  2. mmo-champion.com – news and forums, data-mining and all sorts
  3. icy-veins.com – invaluable spec advice
  4. askmrrobot – couldn’t do without this fellow, brilliant site for reforging, gemming etc (also on twitter @askmrrobot)
  5. wowhead.com – for every questing need

20 Days of WoW – Day 2

Day 02 – Why you decided to start a blog

This is a tricky question as there wasn’t any particular thought behind the process other than we suddenly thought that it might be a good idea. We were on WoW at the time bickering about something we were doing when I realised that people would probably find this funny and/or interesting.

Women are also massively under-represented in WoW so it’s nice to be able to write from a female perspective, but also be able to bounce off Mr B. Playing together as a couple also poses its own challenges, which we thought might be good to write about.

I’d like to say there was more to it than a spontaneous idea, but there isn’t – sorry!