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I love Hutia, who is my spectral porcupine from Jade Forest, so Bristlespine was an obvious choice to go for. He’s not particularly special-looking, but I suppose if you want that, you should go for the spectrals. I was surprised at how tiny he became when tamed, especially considering how large his tracks are.

Key Points

  • Found in Kun’lai Summit (map – this is a fantastic site which goes into much more detail than I do. Please support her and her hard work!)
  • Must be level 88 to tame
  • Does not aggro when tamed – woo!
  • Found by following tracks and using flare – as with all MoP trackable pets
  • Has a rather large meandering path, cutting through hostile areas – so be careful
  • Can phase in and out of stealth – as with all MoP trackable pets

Taming Strategy

  • Make sure you have tame beast, flare and hunters mark free and easily accessible to use
  • You are looking for ‘puzzling tracks’ which blend very well into the brown grassy areas of Kun-Lai, I’d turn all ground clutter down to help

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  • Follow these tracks in the direction they’re facing. As I said before, they really do follow a winding path and I got lost several times and had to backtrack. I found it hard to predict which direction he would head next, so it took some time. I followed him for almost half his route before I could use the flare successfully.
  • As always, when you fire the flare ahead of him, pop hunters mark on to stop him stealthing out of sight, and hit tame.

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He doesn’t look too bothered about being charmed, eh?

Happy Taming!