Monday Moan #31


The thing that has blighted my playing time this week is fairly common place if, like us, you’re on a high pop server.

Queue times.

Most days, I can only get online after 6pm. I imagine this is like many other players… and unfortunately, it means that on our server, Silvermoon, queues regularly reach over 1000 people – especially on reset day and at the weekend.

So, 1000 people or more reliant on a person to log off, and stay logged off for 5minutes. This means, usually, a queue of up to an hour just to get on the server. Luckily, I have that time to wait when I get home, but what if your play time is limited and you can’t spend an hour of your precious time waiting in a queue? Or even worse, if you can’t get home earlier and it’s raid night? Your whole team has to wait for you to get online through no fault of your own.

Many of you reading this will think “why on earth don’t they just move servers?”. Well, cost for one. Principals for another. We don’t want to take the free transfer to a dead server offer they have going on, we like it being busy, but there’s busy and so busy it’s an hour wait. Meh.