Alt Appreciation – Rogue Week!

Here we are again!

Class WeekRogues, the loveable creatures with a hint of mystery.

I have a rogue. Here she is:

Aviary Photo_130242640316135693

I love her name, I wish I’d named my Monk that.

This rogue originally started off as a project with Mr B and 2 other friends, where we were levelling together. I created her months ago, but only started playing her when we were levelling as a group. However, after a few days (around level 60), I was having some real issues understanding the class. Why did I spend half my time standing waiting for my energy to regenerate? Whichย damn opener do I use from stealth? At this point, I wasn’t much of an asset to the team, spending most of my time trying to get behind the stupid mob to get out of stealth.

Let’s put it this way – I wasn’t a natural.

Half the problem, I think, was that we were levelling so quickly that I wasn’t really having time to learn the class (who said levelling served no purpose?!) and I was getting frustrated. So, I swapped to my Warlock which worked much better.

Anyway, back to the Rogue. I eventually had a think about what I wanted to do with her. In the end, I decided I really wanted to try twinking, so this is what she has become. I levelled her up the last few levels at a slower pace and I’ve started to enjoy playing her more. She’s currently a level 70 twink, outfitted in Sunwell PvE gear and she kicks ass in dungeons ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m not completely finished, but she has a lot of BiS gear now and I’m pretty pleased with it. Eventually I’d kind of like to try some PvP gear, but you all know how scared I am of those BG’s!

I’ve been playing rogue in every expansion since vanilla. I have one alliance at max level which is one of my mains, and a horde at level 85.


This rogue was my very first serious character back when I was a little newbie in 2005. It’s currently level 85 and very unloved with me not touching it since i dinged 85 back in Cata. I raided throughout vanilla on this but didn’t get that far into BWL. I had lots of fun PvPing and being part of an Assasin squad ๐Ÿ˜€ video below.

Aviary Photo_130212006366752253

This is rogue you know as my alter ego Mr WoW. I leveled it during Cata using the Scroll of Resurrection to level it to 80 when I returned after a break. I dabble in playing it once or twice a week doing some dungeons or the dreaded LFR to try and keep up with his gear.

I love being able to stealth and pop out the shadows to strike down my foe. My favourite spec is combat just because i like swinging my swords around, but I am thinking of trying to learn assassination if i get some daggers drop.

My biggest grievance is that in nearly 9 years the class plays nearly the same as it did when we started. It would be nice to see some more differences between the specs and maybe a return of the old evasion tanking fun.

That’s our Rogue alts done! See you next week.

WoW Screenshot A Day – Days 28-31

Day 28 – Corridor

Mr B chose this, as it’s his favourite one leading down to Blackwing Lair


Day 29 – Lucky

Here I am, fishing in Dalaran fountain for the ‘lucky’ gold coins. I say ‘lucky’ as the damn achievement still took me months!

Aviary Photo_130222582229825948

Day 30 – Cluttered

*whispers* I think I have a problem….


Day 31 – Dangerous

Didn’t your Mama ever tell you that playing with fire is dangerous?!


I’ve really enjoyed doing this challenge! It’s been difficult to make sure I’m organised enough to submit one on a certain day, but it’s made me look at WoW in a totally new way. I really encourage you to try it… or make up your own! A big thanks to @tycertank for putting the whole thing together ๐Ÿ™‚